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HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import

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HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import


http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25367   HAFM ArmA 2 UK Wheeled - Import is a mod that adds British vehicles (jackal and landrover) to arma 3.

The mod basically brings the vehicles from arma 2 BAF with all their glory.


reasons why to add these:

they offer a better mode of transport across the maps than the Humvee (the jackal has 2 mounted guns).

the gunner position has an optic.

they look beautiful.

people who are British and don't want to play as american have another option.


I think it is a very good mod to add because it doesn't have a large amount of models and it will make the game feel better for some.

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In my opinion, we don`t need this, we are not UK strict-milsim that would always use these vehicles. RHS vehicles are enough, there will be more added, remember, RHS is still in Beta.


Don`t get me wrong, they are great vehicles, I`ve used them before, but adding stuff nation-wise, we could end up with 20 additional mods because everyone would want one.

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just saying the RHS vehicles control very badly and hopefully these control well. 


we are not UK strict-milsim that would always use these vehicles

I know but we are not a strict American one either.

we play as NATO and not all of NATO uses Humvees.

anyway we are in the time period that used the landrover not the modern MRAPs so it will also fit in.

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The driving physx is really rough though. In the Landrover you can go up a 45 degree hill with 90kp/h. The Jackal has a really odd wobble in it, where if you make a steering correction or it goes over a small bump it starts to rock left and right and the wheels come of the ground.


That a lot of people want more U.K. vehicles I understand, we are a U.K. based community after all. But there has to be some sort of quality level when it comes to mods. If you have a vehicle pack that adds wheeled vehicles of which sole purpose is to transport people, I expect the driving to be somewhat decent. And its not.

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