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Behavior on the servers.


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A few incidents lately have spurred me to write this little post wherein we can look at a few rules and how they're being followed/flouted.


It's not acceptable.

On entering EU1 you accept the rules of the server which include clear policy on team killing, it's not on, not in ignorance, not in self defense, not in policing and not in revenge. JUST DON'T DO IT

General attitude towards other players:

No one is born with the bipod to their knife unlocked, everyone starts somewhere, and if they start on ahoyworld then we make sure they play in a pleasant and fun atmosphere.

Don't trash talk, call people idiots or generally be an ass hat towards other players, it's a game it's supposed to be fun, so help people have fun and don't tear them apart for messing up the side mission, asking questions or trying to find a key binding. Just play nice.

Testing the admin team for a reaction:

A few incidents occurred yesterday where established players went out of their way to test the admins with what they could get away with, bans of various lengths were handed out. Just because you've been here for however long does not put you above the law. If you test us chances are the reaction you will get is not what you're hoping for.

So please reacquaint yourself with the rules and follow them. If you can't remember them just ask is whatever I'm thinking of doing a dick move? If you're asking it probably is so don't be a dick!

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Clarification, if there's a Spartan around and admins can't be contacted, to what extent could said Spartan then use his Zeus powers to handle rampaging teamkillers and/or people being a nuisance in base, say by blocking pathways with vehicles and/or nicking cars people are trying to load up with gear?

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