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  1. Nice topic, short and quick to read replies (slow clap).
  2. AW MVP 2015: Rarek AW most friendly admin/staff member 2015: Bacon AW most helpful admin/staff member 2015: Elcour AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2015: Pedofingers AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2015: Appeltaart AW best ARMA pilot 2015: ArmA got things to fly now? AW best Teamspeak singer 2015: Zissou <3 AW funniest person on Teamspeak 2015: Арсений bogDAHN but he got banned within 8 seconds by David I kinda liked the loud music he played in boarding channel. AW best moment 2015 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): Me purposing Josh for admin right after he was kicked out as admin for being drunk and saying bad words on TS. AW best forum post 2015 (please put url in): http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/4624-eu1245-us1-password-change/ AW best drunk member 2015: matt AW best driver 2015: David AW worst driver 2015: David? AW best baby 2015: Milou (4 months old but she can already say AhoyWorld) AW most absent staff member 2015: LaForte
  3. Dear Mr pedofingers (if this even is your real name), you made quite a topic... "10 sec slow clap". Not only did you make a complete fool out of yourself by the text you wrote but you also approached this situation completely wrong. You probably have more chance selling glasses to the blind than opening a attack topic like this and expect everybody would agree with you, we giving our servers to some random guy and all staff to fire themselves. But you must have thought "YOLO" let's do this! Where did it brought you?... But let's not be too negative. I also have some good news for you, and I'm sure you are more then happy to hear it. You sir, are nominated for biggest fail of the year in our AW end of the year awards (it's a real thing look it up on the forums). You should also check out our teamspeak by the way. I'm online a few nights per week. Maybe we can have a talk, you don't seem like a bad guy. You just made a wrong turn.. or 2.. make that 3. I do advise to connect with a other name then your current forum name else I can not guarantee you're safety. Normally I close with: See you on the battlefield!!! But I guess we all know that will never happen as you are kinda banned from our servers. PS: We are not all 12 years old, some of us are older than that.
  4. Today the client version and server version is updated to 2.0.2 The Ahoyworld server is now running 2.0.2
  5. Maybe reschedule pc cars just to make sure? I don't play it but i can already see a overlap with both. I'm in btw!
  6. - STOP USING CAPS - Stop saying we are dictators - Stop using #this - Orca is gone! Deal with it
  7. Bacon is aware of the appeal you made, it is under investigation. Thank you for the patient
  8. +1 one for the game collection. -1 for the apple logo
  9. More dutchies, we are taking over the world!!!! Or at least this community....
  10. If I'm the only one not having all DLC's I am able to get them for the game-night. Not more fun to play Total war: attila?
  11. Its concerning me that's its the same people who crash jets all day
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