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  1. First Day of Ahoy Forces on Lythium

    A little late, but here a screenshot taken of our UAV operator while I was bleeding out. This was seemingly the first time Lythium was being played on Gaunlet and it was (I think the seconds mission?). We were all just awestruck by the beauty of this map *O*
  2. New and looking to record for Youtube

    hm.. you mean your joining in on this weekends Zeus missions? Well, I am not quite sure how you want to be capturing footage outside of your gameplay. During these missions you will be of course playing in a team and wont really have time to be running around playing War Photographer. If you are recording (which is great. You can often capture unique moments during playing) stick to first person as much as possible, it just looks better in 90% of the time. The back of a virtual mans head isn't to interesting and ruins any cinematic shot. Graphics wise you need to just test it out. In my opinion you can't rely on good hardware for having great graphics and FPS on AWE. Just try AWE out during normal hours and see how far you can push your machine. I am not too sure about TS. I believe NVIDIA Shadowplay -should- record the TS with it but better you test it out! While in TS I believe you can set yourself a "Recording" Status but I would have to check. If so, its good to let everyone in your channel know they are being recorded Tips during the gamenight? hm... I'd say do anything that dosen't harm the mission. Don't go taking pics during a gunfight while your teammates are engaging 6 Infantry Squads and a BTR all while being down to their last mags. I think a good time to go picture hunting is probably during Infantry downtimes. Helorides, FOB time, anything where you are ordered to lower your guard or are waiting around. Then you can go looking for nice snapshots of scenery or let your Teammates pose! Hope this is the answer you were looking for. Cheers, Stuart EDIT: No sadly there is only a Streaming Server Group you can set yourself too. So maybe just put [RECORDING] or similar behind your name while in TS
  3. I thought the FOB yesterday was great. It just cut down time. It was also more fun, managing supplies. I had to watch out not to fire away a million bullets each mission because I knew I wasn't returning to base. We drove about a minute to FOB, rearmed and patched up for 5min and then were off again. That was just great! Only issue I had and it might have been only me was the lag. I had real bad FPS at times. Might have just been the amount of players on one spot engaging targets all at once though.
  4. [AWE] 103 Fireteam Tactics -- 1/6/17

    Super excited! Town Clearing sounds awesome! Cant wait to fresh up my Infantry 101.
  5. Mission Setting is.....AWESOME! I really like running the Archilles team. Just the Light at the beginning of the mission made it impossible to engage our targets. Would love to keep going in the Campaign!
  6. Medic system on EU3

    Well it's not like you die instantly. You can easily just be unconscious from pain. It's just the period of you having heart failure which is disabled for reasons stated above. Just yesterday a shell struck about 2m next to me and I got blown away. I was lying there unconscious for about 4 or 5 min. Honestly, I don't think a human being should be able to survive anything more then that. If a medic would have revived me and patched me up (which he could completely, you can do a good two dozen wounds in 2 min if you know what to do) I would be fully combat effective again which is unrealistic and that's using our current system. In RL (and I am guessing here), I might have survived being blown to shreds, but I would have had to been stretchered out and medevaced ASAP. Being up and gunning again within 10min of treatment is a little silly. This would be possible with the "insta-death" disabled.
  7. AWE - Lag Issues

    Nope didnt, I did though experience 0 lag playing Takistan yesterday.
  8. AWE - Lag Issues

    Sadly neither worked. Nor did reinstalling everything or switchting to Wifi. Any other ideas?
  9. AWE - Lag Issues

    Just thought of that too! But I decreased my audio format. I will deff. give yours a try tho!
  10. AWE - Lag Issues

    played Altis just a minute ago on AWE. Everything was relatively fine until I hit contact. As soon as bullets start flying I drop to 1 FPS.
  11. "Solved" - GPU Problem

    Also, you can try adding more power. Although it worked before aye? I once had an issue and fixed it by adding a second power cable to the GPU. In case you are only running one cable, try two if your GPU has ports for it. (Dunno what the Jetstream looks like) EDIT: Just looked it up, you should have two 6pin power connectors on your Graphics Card. If you have the cash to try things out, buy a separate cable for each. Just need to have enough ports on your power brick too. But again, no idea if this is the issue. I am neither an IT guy nor have had this particular issue. I am just throwing ideas out there.
  12. "Solved" - GPU Problem

    You say it worked on and off for a while before completely blowing. To me it sounds like something cooked through. Is it the power cable to the GPU maybe?
  13. AWE - Lag Issues

    So what could it be? My only hope at the moment is that it is Altis. Thank you for your help though!
  14. AWE - Lag Issues

    Not quite sure if I did this right. Its telling me I have am receving 112.6 mbit. This number isn't changing though, so I don't think its a measurement but a fixed value. Also, I don't have a DSL button under DSL-Information. .
  15. AWE - Lag Issues

    Yes I have a Fritzbox. I run over a DSL cable