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[GUIDE] Resupplying the troops


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What happens when the troops on the ground have been fighting tirelessly for too long? They run out of ammo and general supplies like medkits, explosives, etc. To save a trip for the squad back to the base to restock, they can request a resupply drop filled with custom items that the squad needs or a general multi-purpose pre-filled option. This guide will cover the two types of resupply drops, how to carry them out and also talk about the pros and cons of each. I have given each method a self-explanatory codename only used in this guide so it's easier to reference them.


Method 1



  • Can accomodate custom requirements (missiles, mortar backpacks, static launchers, etc)


  • Can only be loaded from main base (very far to most objectives)
  • Slingloading is flimsy so need to take time hooking
  • Harder to indicate it's precise location when unhooked in the air (can bounce and roll when airdropped)
  • Takes time to load the supplybox


Obtain any helicopter capable of slingloading.

Majority of the larger sized helicopters are capable of slingloading. If you are unsure if your helicopter can slingload you can check by looking for the hook icon in the top left hud element whilst inside a helicopter. I will be using the UH-80 Ghost Hawk.





Navigate to the main base Supply Crates zone.

Area is outlined in the image below. This is the only place available where an empty supply crate spawns which can be filled with ease.


Location of Supply Crates zone at main base:




Overlook of what the area looks like:




Use the arsenal to fill the supply crate with whatever supplies necessary.

Grab any backpack with a decent load stat and use the arsenal (soldier standing near the 3 supply crates) to select what you need and then transfer it to the single supply crates closest to the landing pad.


Soldier NPC who acts as an arsenal:




Transferring example supplies from backpack to supply crate closest to the landing pad.




Open the slingload panel, fly above the loaded supply crate and hook onto the crate.

If you do not know how to slingload I recommend seeing a separate introduction tutorial about this.


Opened slingload panel with indication of a slingable object nearby (green dot):




Supply crate hooked to helicopter.




Fly to suitable drop location, land or airdrop the supply crate and mark its location.

Ensure you mark an accurate location so the crate is easier to find. You can use the ping ability to ping the crate on the ground from your helicopter and then mark the ping on your map using map tools although you can always estimate a location too.


Landed crate at drop location:




Marked drop location on the map:





Method 2



  • Very available (can be loaded from any FOB)
  • Takes less time to load and drop (no need for fiddly slingloading)
  • Drops with orange flare for clear location indicator (in intense situations)


  • Can only contain the default pre-set general supplies (cannot be adjusted)


Obtain any helicopter capable of loading a supplybox from base landing pads.

I am still unsure of which helicopters are capable of this however assume it is only helicopters that can slingload for now. Same as the special delivery method I will be using the UH-80 Ghost Hawk.





Land at any landing helicopter pad with a solid white square.

These areas are commonly used to pick up units from the FOB's or main base. They exist usually on every FOB.


Example of solid white square helicopter landing pads at main base:




Load the supply crate into the chopper using the interaction menu.

Select the green text "Load Supplybox" option and hold Enter to load. Once loaded you will see a message in the bottom right saying "Supplybox loaded.".


Interaction menu option to load supplybox:




Airdrop or unload the supplybox at the required location.

Make sure you are at least 300m away from a friendly base. To airdrop a supply crate you need be at least 50m in the air. To unload a supply crate on the ground you must be landed. Either land on the ground and use the interaction menu to unload the supplybox or simply fly high (above 50m) and use the interaction menu to drop the supplybox in the air where a parachute will attach and the supplybox will fall to the ground slowly.


Dropping the supplybox using the interaction menu in the air:




Airdropped supplybox parachuting down to the ground with orange flare:




Mark supply crate position on the map.

Use any method you prefer. Best way I have mentioned is to ping the airdrop once it has landed and then marking it on the map based on the ping location.


Map marking of aidropped supply crate:





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