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What’s everyone’s favourite role on Invade & annex?


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I've gotta confess my love for the pilot role, transport helicopter to be exact and the autorifleman slot. I especially like the M-249 or the LIM as it is called in Arma3. 


Pilot role, I like to fly choppers and I like to do the transport bit, because it is a good way to support the team.


Autorifle, just an fun role that supports the squad. 5.56 ammo can be carried in large amounts so you get to spray a little and the recoil isn't completely out of hand either.


Marksman and Sniping is fun at time, but rubberbanding and floating terrain makes it quite hard at times.

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 SL role does it for me, comes with a wide variety of weapons and equipment so fit for most missions. Pilot role comes in 2nd when i'm more practiced, takes a few to get back in the groove of Arma flying. AR also gets a close 3rd, sometimes that need to just hold down left click needs satisfying.

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I usually pilot, but if I'm feeling for infantry I'll take engineer and do side missions until i get something fun.

Xi'an is definitely the most fun airframe in the game and for rotary aircraft the Blackfoot is also very fun to fly.

Vehicles is definitely where my heart lies, both in-game and real life.



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