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Guide - Transport Helicopter Guide


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This is just a 101 guide, if enough ppl shoews interest in it i am willing to expand on advanced techniques and attack helicopter variants. Again, if anybody has any questions or need a few poiters or live demonstration just find me in game, on forum or discord and we will figure something out

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Good guide tho i think practise on server (once grasped basic controls) gives you a routine and a more intense feeling in comparison with reading. Spend hour and hours flying in arma and perhaps other games will make sure you get the feeling.


Addition to high level flight how i sometimes use it:

Gain altitude till 50 to 75% of the route (considering medium to long travel distance) and use this altitude for the last part to gain higher speed on the last part of travel.


BTW: did you know the Fokker company once tried to make a special plane to land in marshes and wet ground without need for a runway?

They called it the Modder Fokker  (Modder is dutch for mud).

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Reading is just the first step in the right direction. As with all things, practice makes perfect, but i wouldn't suggest to practice on a live server, where you can disappoint others while you try to get the hang of the controls and familiarize yourself with the airframe, the procedures all the while taking heavy fire. Editor is the easiest way to practice those things, takeoffs, hovering and landings, controls in general, in a safe environment without the risk of a tigris unexpectedly rolling over the crest and greeting you with bullets in your face. After all that, one can hop on any server and do all that again in live fire conditions, adding a new layer (incoming enemy fire) to the practice, but making sure the foundation is solid enough to not let the enemy fire shake up the pilot too much. Procedures and handling should be second nature at this point, so a pilot can focus on solving different situations instead of trying to figure out how to land a helicopter.


Getting the theory down and knowing how to react to different scenarios alleviate the burden of figuring things out when the bullets starts to fly in my opinion is really helpful, so the pilot can concentrate on flying the airframe rather than losing control whilst trying to shout mayday in comms and throwing both hands in the air while watching the aircraft just fall out of the sky.


If  one should be so inclined, i offered to talk one trough the procedures, potentially showing how its done, or just by sitting in the copilot seat instructing what should be focused on, how things should happen. If there is enough interest shown in that direction, i might consider submitting a gamenight out of that kind of flight school, but that is far away and less likely with the saddening state of public server piloting skill level and attitude i can see on an almost daily basis. One can only hope.

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