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Transfer Arma 3 + Mods + Steam to New Computer w/o Re-Downloading


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This is how I managed to transfer my Steam (all games) + Arma 3 installation + all mods and DLC without need to download anything on the new machine.
We going to kind of "mirroring" our Steam installation with all installed games and workshop content.
It maybe looks complicated but it isn't...

1. Don't install Steam yet on the new machine (if you already did, deinstall Steam and delete all "SteamLibrary" and installed games)

2. if your "Documents" folder on the new machine is at a different (costum) location than on the old, please change it (on the new comp) to the structure from the old comp (right click "Documents" change path/location)
3. if your Steam install "Program Files (x86)s" folder at new machine is at a different (costum) location than on the old, please change it to the structure from the old comp
4. I assume your Arma 3 installation is located in it's own "SteamLibrary" folder on a different drive, if not just skip these steps with the copying the "Steamlibrary"

5. make your external drive ready - you'll need enough space depending on how many games you have installed, maybe check your Steam installation and SteamLibrary folder for size first.

6. make different folders at ext. drive for "Documents/Arma3", "Program Files (x86)/Steam", "SteamLibrary"

7. on the new comp, if not already there, make a Program Files (x86) folder at the location where it is on the old comp. (mine is on drive d: for instance)

8. copy the steam installation folder from the old computer to the external drive to the corresponding folder

9. copy the Arma 3 folder(s) inside the "Documents" folder to the external drive to the corresponding folder (your Arma 3 profiles and settings)
10. copy the "SteamLibrary" to the external drive to the corresponding folder

11. this will take a while, grab a drink or coffee
12. meanwhile make sure your partitions/drives at the new comp are the same structure as on the old machine (drive letters) - we'll kinda mirroring your install structure from the old one, this is important for this method

13. connect ext. drive to new comp, check if folder structure and locations all are ready on the new machine

14. copy the Steam installation folder to the program folder at new comp

15. copy Arma 3 folders (Documents) to the Documents folder at new comp

16. copy "SteamLibrary" to the corresponding drive/folder at new comp

17. We'll do the following steps on the new computer

18. check if paths and locations are all the same as on your old computer

19. double check if paths and locations (for the stuff we just moved) are all the same as on your old computer

20. Start "Steam.exe" from inside the "Program Files (x86)/Steam" folder (the one you just copied)
21. you may also make a shortcut to the Desktop (Steam.exe) at this point while we are here

22. go trough the steps Steam is telling you (install location not in registry blah blah)

23. Log in to Steam with your login credentials (i hope you already have 2factor security)

24. Steam will start and if anything is right all your games and Arma 3 will be already installed

25. wait a minute and then start Arma 3, it will look like your first start of the game, some runtime and dirext x will download

26. you'll already notice that all your workshop mods for arma are there

27. BattleEye will install

28. at Arma 3 launcher check your mods and DLC's
29. be aware you lost all the Mod Presets, just redownload or copy them from old machine and import (the html files)

30. You have to change or set Arma 3 launcher options (profile to load/ hardware setttings) according to the specs of the new comp

31. start Arma via launcher, check if it loads the right Arma user profile
32. change your general settings according to the specs of the new computer
33. even your server list favourites are there
34. have fun with your improved performance 

35. close Arma, close Steam

36. if you not already did it - make a shortcut/link from the "Steam.exe" inside the Install folder to your Desktop/Taskbar

37. ?

38. profit!

(I will insert screenshots later)





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