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  1. Intel i7-9700KF Asus TUF Z390-PRO 4 x 8GB Kingston DDR4-2400 Asus RTX 2080 SUPER <n> x SSDs Asus PG279Q 1440p TrackIR 5 Saitek/Logitech X-56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S Thrustmaster TPR pedals Thrustmaster Warthog stick
  2. Blasphemy, no UH-60 ....
  3. Attached is a small SQF snippet to update Arsenal loadouts that has the "novoice" set in the identity element. Copy the contents into the debug console and run it locally. It reports profilename and voice used to the .rpt as default. Set the variable '_fix' to 'true' to actually allow the code to make any changes. I've tested it and worked fine for me, but i do encurage you to backup your profile before allowing any changes. Provided as is, i won't be responsible for any misshaps as a resault of running this fix. emptyVoiceFix.sqf
  4. Godday folks, Whigital here. Been lurking on the server(s) for a while and thought i'd introduce myslef. Longtime ArmA player that almost exclusively do helicopter flying outside the milsim gamplay with the community i'm in. You'd probably catch me lurking in TS or in the lobby waiting for a pilot slot I might not be the most flamboyant helipilot, since i tend to fly in a "realistic" way. Don't expect any acrobatics, but safe inserts (mostly). //Whigi
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