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  1. I don't recall seeing "Disassemble" in the task description, but we'll fix it so there is no other option than to actually do what the task says: "Destroy" ....
  2. For v3.4.07, vehicles that gets moved now gets hitpoints with more than 60% damage reduced to 60%, and 10% fuel if below 10%.
  3. The arty firing is purely Arma mechanics, so the spread is inherent to the Sochor's themselves. We could put a limit in the targeting loop, to only search and target players within say 10km from the arty itself. Still probably going to be a lot of spread, but not as much as firing at a target 16-20 km away
  4. Tis' done. Pod now gets velocity from chopper when detached, and speed/alt. changed to 10/2 ....
  5. Current criteria for releasing the pod is under 5kph and 1m altitude. Don't know how much higher and faster is safe for a drop, but can double it to 10kph and 2m alt. I think it comes down to the pilot too, releasing when it actually "feels" safe ....
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