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  1. Welcome to the Forums!!! Die Invasion kommt in die Gänge
  2. I signed up, but i cant make it :/ Sorry for that
  3. Sound realy good! Can`t wait for all the logistic fuckups like bringing the wrong crate or loosing it some where behind enemy lines (no sarcasm, for real)
  4. I would give my left nut for a designated static weapon crew in Valiant! My left nut is yours
  5. I had the same problem with another mod. I solved it when I downloaded the "missing mod" on my own from armaholic and pulled it in to the Repo. After that it worked again. It was also being updated automatically after an update.
  6. Pvt. Zwerger


    Ahoy! Max that happened to me to on another site and it worked, that was bad
  7. Hey so i could need some help with a scripting problem of mine So i want to spawn in a Soldier who has some ace3 damage. (maybe for a Gamenight project ) Until now i tryed it with these scripts: [[myUnit, "leg_l", 0, objNull, "bullet", 0, 0.15] call ace_medical_fnc_handleDamage_advanced; or [this, "body", 0, objNull, "stab", 0, 0.30] call ace_medical_fnc_handleDamage_advanced; and [this] call ace_medical_fnc_handleDamage_advancedSetDamage; but for some reason it doesnt work Maybe you can see the mistake im making.
  8. Can´t join tfw you are on a real military exercise and wish to be playing some EU3
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