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Telegram group for AWE players?



I regularly see people who play on enhanced sitting around in TS doing their own thing.  During the course of the evening several of those people might hop on enhanced only to leave shortly after due to a lack of other players to play with.  Now I think that if we had an instant messenger (like telegram) that would allow a player to say "I'm gonna hop on AWE, anyone care to join me?" some of those people sitting in TS might do just that.  That way we'd get a (small) crowd together.  And if we're lucky more and more people will join after that.

Now as said telegram is an instant messenger app that I think could be used for this.  It's both free and anonymous, nobody is able to access the very very little personal information you have to fill in the get an account (being your phone number). 



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if you meant sending messages to people who are NOT on their computers then it could be a good idea to reach out whoever is AFK, other than that we could have a steam group.We can post events ( though i don't want it to replace over this website) and have a group chat there; also you could always have steam on your phone sending you notification.

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