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Johnson brought to my attention the fact that the MAAWS currently used on server has a bug when using HEDP rounds that cause these rounds to fall significantly short of their zeroed point of aim. (http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3629)


Until this issue is resolved, I'm asking all players who read this to please assist in spreading this message on server so that we may prevent unnecessary deaths by unaware MAAWS operators not hitting their targets.

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Additionally, the HE is bugged the same way too.


Dosen't matter too much for a player who is aware of this, since HE never needs to be too accurate anyway and only requires slight compensation;


BUT a player who is not aware of this HE bug might undershoot a group of Ruskis and level a civilian compound or, better yet, all of Alpha.


Don't do HE kids (unless you compensate about 200m more than the target distance)

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