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EU #1 Seems to be a bit broken.

Guest nightfuryninja

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Guest nightfuryninja

So I was playing on EU #1 as it has the highest number of players out of EU #1 and EU #2. I selected the role of UAV Operator DeathStar.  

One of the spawns is littered with hundred of dead models that literally server no purpose. I tried to connect to the greyhawks but just couldn't. I couldn't even give the UAVs orders to take off or do anything like that.

I tried to connect to the strider and control it but again could not do it and same with UCAV Sentinel but it just seemed to hate it.

Does this happen to anyone else? If so is there a way to fix it?



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I've indeed tried a lot of things to get rid of those 'ghosts'.  I've looked at the respawn script, added an eventhandler for when people DC, ...

Ingame I also tried adding them to zeus, killing them ( cursortarget setdamage 1) deleting them (deletevehicle cursortarger), ...


But it looks like they aren't objects.  From what I can tell one only gets left behind when someone leaves the server in an unusual way.  For example his game crashes while loading in.


As for the UAVs, keep trying eventually you'll get control.  Our scripting is done correctly there, it's been checked by multiple people.  BI just loves to break things.



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Guest nightfuryninja
20 hours ago, Chuck Norris said:

The bodies at base is a problem we can't fix, I believe Stanhope has tried everything to fix it 


And did you have a uav terminal in your inventory? Did it give you some sort of error? 

I didn't get any errors or anything. I connected to the UAV directly and could only control the gunner. I used the UAV stomper to drive into one and blow it up so it could respawn and still couldnt actually use it.

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2 hours ago, Guest nightfuryninja said:

I connected to the UAV directly and could only control the gunner.

Sometimes when you connect to a UAV it doesn't let you control it straight away. It normally takes a bit of messing with. Not sure why it does it but it happens. All you have to do is mess around with it and be patient and you will be able to control it.

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