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Gary's introduction


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Hello, I am Gary.


I am currently 16 years old and for the past 2629 hours have I been addicted to Garry's Mod. However, that went to shit and I got so much bullshit whilst playing that game. So I decided to start playing Arma 3 and got told by a friend that this is a nice community with friendly people. I am dragging some friends with me, hope you guys don't mind.


My Hobbies are Gaming, (a bit of) coding, editing, making video's and sometimes fuck around on paint. 


I have not been ingame yet. This is solely because I am trying to get my shit at school together as that is one of my main priority's, for whoever wonders I am doing Gymnasium, the toughest course here in the Netherlands. comparable to a Grammar School in England. so that's why I haven't been online yet.


If you have any questions regarding me, my time on gmod, my school or whatever; please hit me up :)






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7 hours ago, fir_nev said:

Hello there. Playing with friends in AW EU 1 or 2 I&A3 is definitely rewarding.


I know of another Dutch player, @PiranhA.

You forgot meeee!


Jokes aside, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. 2 words of advice, don't steal thescars hunter (It will end badly) and when the Arma physics engine kicks in, stand clear for the fireworks :boom:





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