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PSA: Be careful with Missile Launchers on EU #1

Liru the Lcpl.

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I suppose thats a guy that fired a Titan AP missile,then got killed by enemy fire while the missile was already on his way and the missile guided itself back to him.

Pretty similar situation happend to me when i was on a side mission with Iran.

I tried to AP a Sniper shooting at him,fired the missile,guided it in - got shot and while the new "wounded" animation played i saw my own missile do a curve,then coming back to sender.

"TheScar was killed by TheScar" message,lots of öf laughs and myself being speechless.


This never happend before I+A 3,BI didnt patched anything into the game so i blame the new med system.

Hard to believe,but true.

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5 hours ago, fir_nev said:

For my case, embarrassingly twice. After launching my Titan AT, I proceeded to reload thinking that the missile had the lock-on still (it lost the lock just as I pulled the trigger). Next thing I know, it came back to me after 1 or 2 seconds in the air. I&A 2.85.

That's exactly what happened in this case. If the person was shot, then they would be purple on my interface, but they were blue, meaning the guy fired an AP or AT manually fired missile, it swung around, then hit him as he was reloading. Again, quite hilarious!

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Bitterly amused


Simple config change in titan ammo properties would make it less "magical". I am sometimes saddened by these bugs that have been reported to BIS ages ago but are still not resolved even after targeting revamp.


Would love to see a proper boost and glide flight modes of missiles but just making them turn properly would be enough.

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