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  1. Great news about PCML getting better range. Also, new overfly top-down attack of PCML will be much more useful considering new slat and ERA armour placement.
  2. The new wire-guided 9M125 Vorona will be much harder to use and not die in the process. I hope it will be at least only slightly heavier than RPG-42, and ammo slightly lighter than Titan AT missiles.
  3. AWC 301 Nyx can be sling-loaded under Huron.
  4. Larger and much more detailed. Although some regions of the map are quite rocky and we all know how rocks in arma looks from the inside :).
  5. Adding timestamps to those markers is always handy as everybody can check how up to date the intel is.
  6. SHOW us your pro reading skills and read this: How to oparate UAV Now go forth and be a hero of pubs!
  7. Silly question: Do you happen to have caps lock bound as a push to talk for arma 3 VOIP?
  8. Are you perhaps using another button while pressing caps? I had similar issues when I used alt to look around and pressed caps at the same time. However, this was approximately a year ago, so I am not sure if this is still a thing with the new version of A3 and TFAR.
  9. Big Nay from me. Every time I played this mission it felt like a chore. Arma 3 UW combat and interaction palette is very limited and was intended to expand possibilities of infil and exfil. Nothing more. @TheScar Agree that some fix is needed now and not after some DLC releases. Even if this fix is to only remove this mission completely. Even though you suggest that I@A would work without side missions, I can't imagine that you mean it seriously. Side missions are quite enjoyable most of the time and judging by the amount of attention you donate to complete those I must deduce that you think the same. Regarding carrier included in Jet DLC --> It is free for everybody. Regarding BI DLC "features are free, content is paid" policy --> I am a big fan of how DLCs are handled for Arma 3. Name me an MP FPS game that handled expansion (not a DLC) in a way that not "fractured" community. Preferably PM as this is not on topic.
  10. Cebi

    Rewards Rework

    I agree with proposed solution. I would love to see armed Huron (with lockable turrets) in the reward pool. As for the cost of the rewards, I would recommend visiting some servers which use currency based system for inspiration on a ratio of points between assets. If you can then determine average points gain per hour for a player you can set the bar quite accurately where you want it. This can provide a good foundation that you can then build and tweak on. @Jason.I am against limiting group size by the hard limit. I would make a soft limit where bigger squad gets less communal points and thus make bigger squads less effective in "farming" points.
  11. @D.Devil Terrain details setting is the option that influences LOD of vegatation the most.
  12. @GandalfTheCray: 32GB of RAM is plenty and with 64bit executable, I think that you would not get any difference with LOD changing faster with SSD. I have read somewhere that these trees do not have collision shape defined. So next time ram it for science! Fly safe
  13. And here I thought that the most deaths are caused by lack of situational awareness and improper risk management (-: Vegetation pop in has some known solutions. Do you need help with that? What is your object draw distance set to? What is your terrain detail set to? Are you running 64bit executable? How much RAM do you have or/and do you run Arma from SSD?
  14. For this sort of close encounters with armoured species, I would recommend using smoke grenades. Obscuring vision of AI operated armour will give you far more options then blowing one of its tires with "enhanced" incendiary. Also worth considering is the fact that to my knowledge no AT grenade is being manufactured right now and last was Russian RKG-3EM which was replaced in the 1970s by RPG-18. As image (or video) is worth a thousand words here is some example, so we can all see what is being discussed.
  15. @D34TH Are you sure about that engine block? In the link, you can find information that it will burn through 0,5 inch (12,3mm) of homogeneous steel plate. While this is plenty to damage vehicles, or weld turret in place (under ideal circumstances). I think that burning through typical engine block is somewhat harder due to its structure and heat capacity. Also, the area of effect of thermate is very limited, while it burns you can stand almost next to it without much discomfort from the heat (we are talking about 751 grammes of filler here). You would need to place the grenade right next to or on top of the tire in the case you described above. This thing was not designed to act as AT grenade in any way.
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