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EU3 Explosives & Combat Engineering Training 13/3/16 @ 14:00


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Hey folks, I'll be running a small-ish training session this Sunday to go over ACE Explosives and Combat Engineering.


Overall length should be at max an hour and a half.




There'll be an explanation on what roles each explosive device is effective and how best to employ it (X1) along with demonstrations of them in use (X2).

After that I'll cover how to be an effective engineer with and without vehicle assests to keep an eye on (X3).


Sign up form is HERE


The training will be held on Stratis to allow everyone to have a good framerate.

I'll see you all there.

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I'm not sure I can be there, but I think this is a great training session idea.


Can any other mods or admins chime in, whether or not they can attend, so that Pancake can have ZEUS support?


- R

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Damn i could really use that training but unfortunatly i cannot make it on that date :( maybe you could/or are able to replace the training on another date?


Sadly my weekend tends to be busy with catching up on a weeks worth of stress relief, Sunday is also one of the days where there is rarely any other gamenights. If I get it set up right I'll record the session.


I'm interested, but I won't sign up since I might be slightly late.


JIP Will be allowed, but if you miss a small aspect of it you'll need to rewatch my footage (provided I manage to capture it) or ask me when I'm next online

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