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1.54 fatigue system fix (if people are hot-fixing Gauntlet, perhaps include this)

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setCustomAimCoef is an Arma function that lets you change how much sway exhibits on aim (Arma wiki); in my testing, 1 is normal, 0.5 is very generous to the player: so perhaps something in the realm of 0.7?


Also, since the fatigue system includes a stamina bar in the top right, perhaps we can remove @st_stamina_bar from the repository as redundant?


While we're at it, we could remove @st_map_gestures as useless (and perhaps also redundant as I believe ACE 3.4 includes it).



In fact, if there is some intention to customize the stamina system for Gauntlet or Valiant, then this is the go-to page:



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When doing some testing on Saturday, I think st_staminabar measures Fatigue and new ingame hud measures Stamina. But st_stamina bar could be removed IMO.


As of changing stamina params, it needs to be checked how much does ACE change does values (if any). Plus, I think all params are reset after the player respawns.

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I have no problem with the fatigue system - I would probably keep it as is.


I do have a problem with the scope sway.  I have been testing a mission with the coef set to 0.7 and it is way less punishing.



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