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Fire range EU#3



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Was actualy considering this yesterday. Alot of people tend to test out their guns right now by firing at base, which can cause various nasty situations :unsure:

Getting a dedicated fire range so someone can test out there chosen weapon could be usefull for that. Also it cuts down on those of us being unfamilliar with the weapon that we have chosen on getting the bullet drop, and thus necesary elevation settings on our scopes, to be right before we get in an engagement and find out the setup is wrong for us.


So some reasons listed below for why i is usefull.

  • Those using AGM scopes can test the scope and gun selection to finetune what they should set for various engagement ranges (200m, 500m, 800m, 1k)
  • We can test out our setup (Scope, Sillencer/Flash suppressor, Lasersight/flashlight, etc)
  • It gives a dedicated area where people CAN fire their weapon to test how cool it sounds with that awsome sound mod (Admit it guys we all do that -_- )
  • It can also be just a handy training range for new people to the game to get basic arma physics for the guns trained before getting thrown under the buss out there, we all know when the bullets fly, chaos sometimes takes over :D .

So anny thought about it?

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It's okay idea.


Should it be implemented, i would suggest placing this firing range / training ground considerable distance away from the base with it's own spawnpoint.

We don't need such additions to drop down the fps in the base even further, nor unnecessary noise, as people are trying to discuss matters..

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You can always test things out in your own arsenal. But, sometimes you dont come prepared and have to fix your gear in place. Or want to test out new gear before a mission/under mission planning.


Dakim: All good and great.


JuX: Agreed. But still has to be close enough.

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