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Sorry for the blunt post David, perhaps one born of frustration at the tirade of teamkillers, griefers and abusive players on lately .

It's not a personal attack against any admins and I should have been more specific.

It's an apparent lack of admins actually playing on the EU#1 server. I know one or two present admins play occasionally, and the server is a much more pleasant experience at these times but this is a very small percentage of the time. I realise it's possible to 'poke' them on TS and request their presence but this becomes tiresome after a while, when it's the same folk constantly having to nag an admin. 

It would be nice to see some of the current dedicated players be considered for admin. Those players who are on daily and actively help/advise players.

I'm not suggesting myself, although I do try to assist as much as possible, because I travel a lot at the moment and can't guarantee when I'd be available. 

Maybe I am reading the situation completely wrongly and you are satisfied with how the server runs, I'm speaking entirely from a personal perspective and basing it on my observations in-game. 

I really admire the dedication the present admins show towards the game and appreciate having such a great server to play on, I just fear for it's longevity when I see the 'regulars' getting frustrated and disappearing at an all too rapid rate.

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hi gurkha,

thanks for the updated reply as i didn't know what to make of your first post but anyways on to the meat of the post.

You're right and I agree with everything you've said.

I noticed myself that i was spending less time on the server and made a concerted effort to spend a bit more time in game this last week. This week....it might have been the sale price on arma 3 on steam or the school holidays but yeah this week has been a nightmare!

All this week everytime i joined eu1 it was a cluster, spawn in a shit state, side von noisier than a hen night party and loads of tking.

on thursday i was on for a few hours in the morning/early afternoon and i must have banned at least 15 people.

on to the issue of admining we're all volunteers and there's no set schedule so we can't guarantee that there'll always be someone on but we try and make ourselves available when we are on ts. 

I think that at the moment quite a few of us admins (im only speaking for myself but i suspect others are in a similar situation) are suffering from arma fatigue and simply enjoying some other games but that doesn't mean we've disappeared.

the poking of admins yeah i can understand that it's a bit annoying but rest assured that we do listen and we do react esp. when a request for a restart or admin intervening it will be dealt with as soon as we can. At the moment it's the best we can do when were not on the server so i plead that you do, as volunteers we need as many eyes and ears making sure that people are having fun, we won't get upset it's what we do (within reason, we have had some who've thought as admins we are handholders who can tell player x get out of players y heli cause he baggisied it, yeah you know what i mean)

Future admin we are always looking for potentials but we need them to come to us, as it were, to get involved; be it on the server, on ts, on gamenights, the forums or dev work. we need to be able to trust and know the person and that does take time. Teamspeak i think is the crux we need to be more proactive in getting people involved and get to know them.

.......and back to the eu1 situation i foresee it getting much better next week when the kids are back in school, arma goes back to £40 and questions regarding how to deploy the bipod drop off to just one a week!!

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Based on Zissou's point above Id like to inquire if there are levels of admin available, in that can one be given the permissions to kick/ban without having to do the server/mission restarts?


I dont see a reason to give everyone the keys to the server when 90% of the "work" is just keeping the peace, I have been an admin on many game servers and even though Ive not done it on an Arma server I am about quite a lot and if the need is there I would put my name forward to fill that need. If anyone needs to talk to me about this or anything grab me on TS next time im on.

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"If anyone needs to talk to me about this or anything grab me on TS next time im on."


I'm sure there's a euphemism there somewhere.


Any road, I'd vouch for him and a few others spring to mind.


I'll be out for two or three weeks after Sunday 2nd, but already looking forward to getting back into the field. 

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I can vouch for Skully too, he's fair, patient and keeps his temper regardless of the situation. It'd be very beneficial for everyone to have more admins about, although the current ones do a great job as it is, I feel harsh having to keep pestering them for what I would deem "petty" little things like restarts and player kicks.


Also, Bravo Squad 4 Lyf m8

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Unfortunately at the moment we are not looking into low-level admin rights, and most likely will not for a period of time. 


The thing is, if we're giving people the ability to kick/ban (hell, even the ability ban is too much imo), then why not make them full-blown admins? 


And as such, because we like to keep our admin staff tight to a group of people we know contribute regularly, have good judgement, and we inherently trust.


We realize that as of late the server admin presence has gone down, due to pretty much everyone being on dev to play with Zeus, and I'm switching back to stable to help with that. 



Whilst I am not doubting you guys' or Skully's trustworthiness, we cannot just hand out such powers willy-nilly, because if we do hand out kick/ban rights that essentially makes them admins (or moderators, if you want to call them that). And we would much prefer a smaller admin team where it's easier to sort out some problems here and there, rather than a much larger moderator group where we can't really hold them accountable if one decides to abuse his powers and start kicking people out of pilots slots because he wants to fly, or something similar.


If you want to see more admins, either:

1) Get involved yourself, in all areas, so that perhaps you can be trusted enough with admin responsibility

or 2) Encourage others to do the same.


Because to be honest, if you're complaining about there being enough admins, and yes fair enough I acquiesce to that, many of us are on dev, but you lack the initiative to get involved within the community and contribute, therein possibly becoming a member of our staff, then I do not think you have much of a right to do so.


If you're not able to because of a job, or school, or any other reasons, remember this:

Admins are people too.


We have jobs, we have school, we have other things that require us to not be able to be on the servers actively playing and moderating. What we are able to do most of the time when this happens, is moderate remotely. So no, do not hesitate to poke us on teamspeak for a kick or ban, because we will most likely be able to do so, that's the reason why we have our remote admining tool. To help us do most of the jobs required in the server without actually being in the server.

Be glad we have it, because if we didn't you would see a lot more teamkillers and the like. Our responsibility is to admin the servers, when we can. To most, if not all, of us, admining is sidelined by other things in life.




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I've not read any of your long posts, that goes to everybody. 


Doesn't require much thought. If your in game experience is deteriorating we'll look for more admins. Simple as that

Encourage players to join teamspeak so we can gauge them, get to know them etc.


Otherwise if you can earn enough donations to pay me £1200 per month im glad to give up my full time job

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Just to be clear I wasnt stating I would only do low level admin, I was just enquiring if it was possible but if as Cain says you might as well be full blown admin then id still like to put myself forward.


I really do feel a few more "playing" admins would be a boon to the community. However I understand that ive not been playing THAT long (compared to some) and ive not even donated yet (due to the inconsistency of my experiences i might add) and none of the admins really know me so I would not expect to be given the keys just like that, for now im willing to continue what I was doing, reporting rule breakers to the admins via TS.

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I shall pester you no further.

I meant no offence to any of the current admins as I previously stated and I understand it's difficult to voice opinions on this matter without it being perceived as criticism or it resorting in the 'get more involved' retort. 

Keep up the good work providing the community and I wish you all the best.

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Pestering isn't the case. It takes people like you to get things done sometimes. The admins should be complaining at me, i can't expect too much of them because in the end we all loose interest in some things at some point.

i shall state again though, I need potential admins to spend time with the team, lets move forward together

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Normally I am on Teamspeak whenever I am at home; however some people may have noticed I haven't been around the last week or so due to University commitments. 

Never the less, whenever I am on, do not hesitate to poke/ask me if you need any kind of admin help, I agreed to be an admin because I wanted to contribute to this community and I'm sure that is the same for the other admins. 


Just to reiterate what the others have said as well, encourage others to join the TS if you can! The more people we have on teamspeak, the bigger and better the community becomes! Also, we the admins/staff can get to know and trust you more :D

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