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  1. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    Agm was doing crazy things with squad lead radios...lifter...no idea.
  2. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    Just saw this.... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26467 Im really excited to see this develop. Any chance of us using it. Would make for some cool as hell crash landings and therefore rescues.
  3. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    Oooh cse that might fix the radio problem.
  4. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    Just because i totally forgot and followed the help post exactly. A dmall reminder, You can use the shacktac hud mods on your client. Get them they will help no end with squad management which we found last night to be ermmmm fun...
  5. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    Does it have the same loadout loading bug from the main server (in that it wont load saved loadouts), thats really the only reason I still use VAS tbh. Ill give it a try tonight though for sure. oh another thing I wanted to ask, would it be possible to edit the mission to add something like this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22522 Its something I miss when I play missions like I&A, ill use my normal excuse of I dont mod Arma (im a software programmer by trade and ive modded everything else, no idea why Arma has escaped!) so not a clue how you define the units but if the unit can be defined and this script applied to them, from my reading they will hunt buildings down and garrison them. Do this for 2-3 fireteams per large AO and I feel the mission takes on a whole new level. I dont want that safe feeling when moving through town, only looking up roads and alleys, I want to systematically sweep a town checking every building, I want it to take time and I want be bricking it the whole time. When Zissou (I think, might have been Elcour) on EU1 took up Zeus and had guys on roofs, it turned a normal sidemission to destroy some crates with my 6-7 man squad into a "WHERE THE HELLS THAT FIRE COMING FROM!" FALLBACK!" "CLEAR THAT BUILDING!" "FIND HIGH GROUND!" "RETURN FIRE!" type dealio which was one of my fav moments on EU1 to date. I want MOAR! Itd be nice to have this but I dont think it needs someone on Zeus to achieve something passable. This is actually making me want to download the mission and start messing....but ill never play again if i do that...i know it edit - ok its begun....im staring at code...i see Shukos garrison script being referenced in the code but not used as far as I can tell, isnt that for Arma2, I dont think this script can work on 3 can it? I dont think building positions work the same. So could we replace this with the above....*continues fiddling*
  6. Skullywag

    Modded Server

    This is just a query, the pack that adds the silly amount of weapons with multiple variants that just make using vas painful, do we really need it? Dont get me wrong i like the variety but if these weapons were done without the need to have 10 versions of each weapon listed it would be so much nicer. Based on my experience getting setup on mission start takes like 10-15 mins and thats purely waiting for vas and then trying to use it, which again i dont mind but would love to cut it down/make it nicer to use. Are there any smaller packs of weapons that use an attachment system that doesnt require 10 of each weapon in lists? Thats really the only thing bugging me so far. Everything else is fun as hell.
  7. Go Karts are not in the lift scripts.....
  8. 2 littlebirds might be quite cool actually, i quite often get a squad of 6-10 and would be quite cool to mount in 2 birds and do some more tactical dual insertions, would mean that the other 2 helis are still able to carry 20+ troops still and once the birds have done their insertion it takes them no time to get back to ferrying guys about. Id support a test run of this to see if theres any major outcry from the community. Nice idea.
  9. Looks like hes on it, just not yet. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/74526 Looks like people are having an easy time of adding loadout savers as per comments on this page: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177595-Grimes-Simple-Revive-Script/page7 I would be happy to put a fire team together (bravo squad) and test it on eu2 or something, see how it handles out of the box on i&a and what config changes might benefit us.
  10. 1am exactly arma eu1, huge freeze, backups? came back after about 20 seconds
  11. Just gonna update this when im up for a proper session. I have the bug and should be on tonight. So if anyone would like a slightly less chaotic than normal experience find me on around 10pm uk time.
  12. Depending on start date and time, id be up for this.
  13. Speaking of that. You guys got a christmas plan for the server? Snow textures on vics, santa hats etc...do like planetside did and add snowmen all over the map to find, oh and make ALL helis play mariah at all times....wont be annoying at all.
  14. I remember a while back i had a conversation with Raz regarding the revive script and promised i would keep an eye out for one. Just seen this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177595-Grimes-Simple-Revive-Script Looks really flexible. Im not a dev though (of arma anyway) so cant evaluate its usefulness.
  15. ah makes some sense i suppose, just to add the teleporting back for the injured body happens before hes down on the ground hence the double death. Not major just something i spotted while afk'ing in base (a heli exploded outside and like 10 bodies appeared infront of me). Was just curious.
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