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  1. I haven't played a lot of IA4 to give very specific opinion, but after trying it out a bit it's giving me feel a bit confused overall. About the positive stuff: -I really love the idea of backpack/vehicle locking, it's fixing one of the problems that's been following IA for a while, which is people messing with your stuff without your permission. I believe most of us in the past experienced some pointless and annoying arguing with people related to that situation, which sometimes even ended with giving up on playing more that day. (I love arma and games overall for giving us possibility t
  2. I'm not sure if the mines at HQ are working correctly (unless I did something wrong), I was trying to approach the HQ today, even checked my inventory to make sure I have mine detector on me, the next thing I did was stepping on a mine. Not a single one was detected. https://streamable.com/erhlk
  3. My bad, I swear I was looking for feedback thread but I guess I'm just blind. Anyway, appreciate your help as always.
  4. I really like how every week we can find some improvements to zeus ops, but there's one thing I really miss right now. Is there any chance to get back options to drag/carry bodies? Or was it just a part of old revive system?
  5. Hey there, hope you enjoyed yesterdays zeus op with us!
  6. poker


    Hello and welcome!
  7. poker

    Hello All

    Hello and welcome, hope you gonna have good time here like we all do =)
  8. I was able to fully experience only the first mission since my internet choked during start of the second one, but still I have to say I really enjoyed my time. As mentioned by Midnight, the main problem was too many voices to handle. It was a bit painful, but still could get used to it. I also really liked our leadership on Alpha team (all props to Minipily). Short and straight orders, keeping everything together as it should be. Definitely looking to play some more missions in the future.
  9. As Lindi said, Arma 3 is not a new game and is still focusing on single threads so you should definitely consider a CPU with high single-threaded performance.
  10. poker


    Hello there, I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Some of you may recognize me as poker (original name was pkzr, but I changed it to something easier for people to pronounce). I recently came back to Arma3 and AW after more than 2 years break. Back in the day I used to play I&A v2.86 or something similar I remember so yeah, it was a while ago. A lot of things changed since then and I'm pretty sure it's not over yet. I'm planning to stick around so see you guys on battlefield!
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