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[Arma Reforger] Operation Reforged - Sunday 19-02-2023 @ 19:00UTC


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A successful beach assault has given us a foothold East of Saint Pierre. We have the initiative, which means we can keep pressure on the enemy and advance further into the island. To increase our logistical capacity and create a buffer between our staging ground and the enemy we will focus on capturing Saint Pierre and Vernon.


Expected mission length: ~2h



- Destroy enemy garrison at Saint Pierre

- Destroy enemy garrison at Vernon



- United States

- Soviet Union



- Full US arsenal


MODS will be downloaded on server join

- CRX Enfusion A.I.



This gamenight will be the first of hopefully many more in Reforger. During these sessions we will be slowly introducing more mods and custom features to the scenario as time goes by and updates start rolling in. Reforger has a lot of potential but is still missing critical features like air assets, AI driving, map markers and others, so we will have to work around these limitations both as players and mission makers. An initial briefing will be held on TeamSpeak, and during the mission all communication will happen in-game.

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