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TVT Return?

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9 minutes ago, JANXOL said:

I didn't really have the opportunity to play a lot of TvT, except for that one time we were flying around in a bloody strategic bomber.
While I'd say I probably prefer PvE, I would definitely be up for some occasional TvT, especially if it's well made.

Awesome to hear, my intention is to make a well made TvT scenario.

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7 hours ago, JaSmAn said:

It just feels too Call of Duty for me.

Well, as long as it is somewhat competetiv I don´t care about how it feels... even if it´ll be just based on pure gunskill and nothing else :lol::lol:

Since Johnson promised that the balancing won´t be an issue the only big problem left for this I see on the end of the players itself: Due to the fact that this community is builded up all around the globe the pings vary by a lot sometimes. Not a problem in PVE obviously but a big issue when it comes to PVP (peekers advantage is probably the best example for this):wacko: This could ruin fun pretty fast when you constantly get killed because your oponnent sees you half a second earlier then you him :( But lets see what @J0hnson builds for us before we judge:)

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22 hours ago, Noah_Hero said:

lets see what @J0hnson builds for us before we judge

We'll it will certainly be balanced, but also pretty accurate and contextually realistic at the same time. I'm working again with Jochem who is very skilled when it comes to the art of scripting, so he is my flagship for this.

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