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  1. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #2 (22/03/2018 @19:00 UTC)

    Next week were on the map Narva (my favourite map) as the US Army attempts to push out the city's Russian Armed Forces who have occupied the area! Hope to see you all there!
  2. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #2 (22/03/2018 @19:00 UTC)

    Squad Thursday #1 over, thanks everyone for coming!
  3. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #2 (22/03/2018 @19:00 UTC)

    Map changing to Chora for Squad Thursday #1 (I made a mistake)
  4. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #2 (22/03/2018 @19:00 UTC)

    Event made, lets hope we get a good turn-up!
  5. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    For anyone who didn't notice!
  6. [SQUAD] Squad Thursday

    Every Thursday, AhoyWorld hosts custom-made "Team vs. Team" events on the game Squad. Expect intense firefights, strong teamwork and competitive tactics while two teams fight for victory in interesting scenarios every week on Squad! (Check out event details below!)
  7. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - #7 on 16/03/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    Hate to burst your bubble Noah but I asked on the Forums for a reason (there may be a great number of people who don't want this idea). Regardless, I don't personally fancy messing around with Stiletto loadouts; and even if we did get enough people to play Russians in the first place, I really don't think they'll stick around when they know that they can take 30 bandages into combat as a Rifleman ( @ShadowAce11 !!!). There will likely be an Arsenal but if myself or Mini get the leader positions we have signed up for, we will enforce the use of AK-74s and specific uniforms.
  8. [AWE] Stiletto Friday - #7 on 16/03/2018 @ 1900 UTC

    So me and @Minipily were hoping to take point this Friday, except we were hoping to play as Russians, specifically VDV. I know it's a controversial faction which is why I'm leaving this comment here to see what people think.
  9. Squad Thursday is official! (Every Thursday at 7PM!) Upcoming Event (#2) Date: 22/03/18 Time: 19:00(UTC) Mode: Invasion (customized) Map: Narva Server: [ENG] EU1 AhoyWorld.net ______________________________________________________________ Similarly to Stiletto Wednesday and Stiletto Friday, Squad Thursday will now fill that day-long gap between those two events with some tactical, team-play oriented Squad action! Each Thursday we will take two opposing player teams and throw them against each other in custom scenarios built from Squad's vanilla game modes. These scenarios will revolve around preset rules in order to keep things original and interesting. No roles are predetermined before the event, however team will be balanced according to player numbers and individual skill/experience. Anyone is welcome to take the Squad Leader role for their team and use their own style of tactics, provided they stick to the rules given at the time. Don't be shy, we encourage it! If anyone is interested in giving squad leading a try for any specific event, please respond to this topic with the comment: " @J0hnson I want to Squad Lead for the next event! " Or just tell me on the day! If you have any comments, questions or feedback regarding Squad Thursday, feel free to leave a reply to this post. This post will be updated according to the date of the next event after the previous event has passed. ______________________________________________________________
  10. FEATURE REQUEST "Static Line Drop" scroll option that works similarly to the parachute option we already have, except this option would apply the D-6 parachute onto the player and deploy it automatically as soon as they have left the vehicle (if thats possible?). Both options could be available for different scenarios. Yes, the static line is less effective, but still fun. Plus it keeps everyone together. I specify the D-6 parachute due to the fact that it's non-steerable and therefore more commonly used within standard airborne forces, making it way more suitable for a static line.
  11. 052 Civilians seem to be non-stop sprinting around everywhere and only some respond to the stop command. We had only just entered the town on foot.
  12. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    EVENT CANCELLED (03/03/18) Due to the fact that our Squad server had not yet been updated to the latest version of the game and that we had little players, we're cancelling the event. Apologies on behalf of the modded team - everything will be in place for the next event and hopefully we'll have a fixed schedule for Squad Events in the future (similar to that of Stiletto Friday).
  13. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    We've decided to host the second event at the same times as the last. Next event: 16:00 UTC (03/03/18)
  14. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    Second event coming soon, apologies for delay.