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  1. Sun Scenery

    Not enough binoculars out
  2. I'll Tell Ya What

    Fair enough. It's more for the story.
  3. Is there anything required for Stiletto that I can't get off the Steam Workshop? EDIT: Nevermind, @Joebillibob just told me that it didn't work out for him. A Steam Workshop Collection would be great for AWE.
  4. DCS hotas under 100 usd

    I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotax X you were looking at and it's a pretty nice starting setup, worked all good for EU#3. Also, I don't know if it's mentioned on the page for it but the stick and throttle are separable if you wanted to put a keyboard in the centre. I got mine for about 30 quid new off ebay.
  5. I'll Tell Ya What

    Where are you pulling that quote from? Did you just throw "I want" at the end of the post's name? EDIT: Sorry to hear that it bored you and that you felt it needed a new song. I guess Elvis Presley just isn't good enough.
  6. Absolute Suck

    Lets us all know your not on a fucking Macbook so its not all bad
  7. I'll Tell Ya What

    21/04/18 Cpl. J. "Mini" Shaw photographs Sgt. J. "Sod" Johnson (right) as he reassures Pvt. A. "Pisschild" Shield (left) that no matter whatever Shield may achieve or accomplish during his service in southern Afghanistan, he'll always be "Private Pisschild" to Johnson. Late-war US Army patrol, nearing the end of our team's service on AWE. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds Credit to @Minipily for the screenshot and @Adshield for being present
  8. Absolute Suck

    I try to keep my screenshots real, as in not premeditated or staged. They have way better memories that way.
  9. Not Too Long Ago

    12/06/16 Cpl. J. "Mini" Shaw photographs Sgt. J "Sod" Johnson (left) as he sits in the shade of his team's M1025 HMMWV, nicknamed "The Matmobile" , driven by LCpl. V. "Hybrid" Kruh during their service in the Mediterranean Sea. For MAT Team; it's always another day, another dollar. Nothing better than 'can opening'. Sniff 'N' the Tears - Driver Seat Credit to @Minipily for the screenshot and @HybridRage for being present
  10. Absolute Suck

    I wish; again, this wasn't me, it was taken and uploaded by RHS for their Facebook page. I just put it here to stare at.
  11. Absolute Suck

    All credit to RHS for the amazing screenshot. Welcome to the Suck
  12. Until next time lads.

    Can't wait to play Star Citizen...
  13. Five Klicks Down

    Video of the battle coming soon.
  14. Five Klicks Down

    Russian Special Forces Squad Leader Senior-Sergeant D. Dzhonson (Right) and his Squad Medic Junior-Sergeant D. Shou (Left) bask in their first few minutes of peace after withstanding a horrific siege of enemy forces upon their team's position. Dzhonson's special-forces squad was deployed to the Greek Mediterranean island of Altis less than a week ago in order to suppress the insurgent resistance in the region. This firefight was only one his team's of many engagements in the last few days, however this one has been specifically described by a member of his team as "the worst fight we've had yet." The Chedaki Insurgents holding the region had allegedly been losing ground to Russian forces ever since they set foot on the peninsular. This platoon-sized attack on Dzhonson's unsuspecting and isolated squad was the insurgents' last ditch effort to suppress the Spetsnaz annexation of their claimed territory. While the outcome of the hour-long battle was greatly in Russian favour, due to their ability to withstand the attack, Dzhonson's squad did suffer a singular casualty. Their latest member; Private Geb was shot and killed during the initial and spontaneous attack as he attempted to run to cover. Dzhonson himself was said to have suffered a heart attack due to cardiac arrest a few hours after the battle had ended, however Shou was luckily able to resuscitate and revive him. The week-long fight for the southern peninsular of Altis is suspected to only be the beginning of Russian intervention on the island and we will likely be hearing of more action from Dzhonson's special-forces team shorty. ________________________________________________ Real story and screenshot taken from the MSO (not staged, Zeused, scripted or preset). Five Klicks Down, Two-Hundred and Sixty-Five to go. The Suck continues.
  15. Stay with us Hybrid!

    Man down