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  1. Well is there even any way of doing the ranging manually? I mean, most modern arty vehicles have computers anyway dont they?
  2. Will the arty vehicles now spawnable actually be able to be used with no Arty Computer or range table? Also @Ryko could that ACE boat push be applied to other craft? Things like the RHIB should be pushable really.
  3. Feature Request Add the ability to push a boat back into the water, I think there's already a script running to do so with Quad Bikes.
  4. Vehicle Request Give the Russian factions the Mi-24G "Super-Hind" (RHSGREF). This monster makes CSAT look like they bought their tech from Toys 'R' Us. I've heard some gripes with the Russian faction regrading the lack of technology, give them the Super Hind and such complaints will be silenced by the screams of chaos.
  5. "I want to go home..."

    "You know what would be pretty good? BAF on Lythium with Middle Eastern Insurgents on Nightmare."
  6. Whitelist the D6 parachute for OPFOR factions.
  7. Surly it's at least worth polling for, if loads of people would prefer for the faction gear to be more specific then why not add it? Separating the faction gear would also create a bunch of new scenarios and stuff, like having everything our modpack has to offer a little bit at a time (one day USMC, one day BAF, one day Serbs etc etc) rather than EVERYTHING at once. It would make each faction unique in multiple ways. I'm all for it, I think it's a great idea and as someone who has played on EU#3 for years, I really don't think were swaying into "Realism" or "Milsim", it's just more specifc gear with no impediment on gameplay, still plenty of choice and customization. Would be nice to see everyone on the same side for once, rather than MTP here, MARPAT there etc.
  8. To be honest, I would actually be happy for MNP to stay - should we get proper use out of it. As @Stanhope has suggested, it would be better is Stilettos factions are more gear specific rather than a large mix of BLUFOR or OPFOR gear which is near identical regardless of the faction. This could also work great for MNP, for example, a Czech Republic faction, which I have recently started to fantasize about.
  9. Depends how the FOB is being used I suppose, I mean, what would be good is some kind of ticket system whereby everytime someone spawns on the FOB it drains a ticket, therefore reinserts from base would be preferable. Unfortunately Arma maps arnt big enough to the certain type of FOB style that I personally enjoy - deployment FOBs. There would be no re-spawn on the FOB but it would provide a staging ground, rearm point, medical facility etc etc. FOBs in Stiletto are more commonly used as a re-spawn shortcut than a actual FOB. Rarely are they used for much else. Next time I'm ASL and I have a Logi and a Vortex to my disposal I'm gonna try not having a spawn point at the FOB, just plenty of supplies etc. then have Vortex run re-inserts to the FOB. Seems way more fun to me.
  10. Whitelist the RHSAFRF "FFG-2" grip. It's an identical model to Western grip designs commonly seen on weapons PDW weapons like the MP7.
  11. Thanks for your reply, sincerely. I'm glad you made your points clear and I can actually agree with them, but I have some brief insight. If SAF became a player faction 2/3rds the arsenal would consist of Western-Bloc style gear (M4, HK416, SCAR-L, MP5, Minimi, G36, M21 etc etc), the little that remains would be Eastern variations. Serbia themselves are attempting to step away from Eastern designed and attempt to reform closer pacts and coalitions with NATO. This goes the same for the uniforms/equipment as well as the vehicles. Keep in mind that a SAF faction would not consist only of RHSSAF equipment, but also combinations of RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF and RHSGREF - that's what makes it so good in my opinion. As for the vehicles, yes I agree there are more Russian than American, however certain vanilla vehicles closely resemble that which Serbia uses today that could also be implimented. Overall, I would say it would be about 60/40 with Eastern and Western vehicles. I can't argue against your personal preference regarding faction, however you should defiantly know that Serbia's equipment is certainly closer to NATO than to Russia, especially since the millennium. RHS is set in 2012 so they defiantly demonstrate some cool modern Serbian equipment in SAF, you should definalty check it out. Seriously, in my mind, Serbia is way closer to a new "BLUFOR" faction than "OPFOR", but really they are just a completely all together, after all, that is the basis of their main goal in the world. Teamkilling will always happen, but again, as I've said, it can only happen less than how much it has already happened on Russians vs. Chz. Insurgents as they are the two most similar factions on Stiletto - and even then, Teamkilling wasn't too common at all. Luckily for me, I just finished my uni exams and have so much free time. I would gladly make the player faction myself, in fact I was looking forward to doing so. But I can't do it alone since I have no understanding of where to start all my understandings of Serbian gear in Stiletto, this is the main drawback. In my mind, playing as Serbian Armed Forces would take the best of both words (East and West) and combine them into a pretty unique and interesting standalone setup, it's a big part of RHS that we are missing out on. Either way, surly it's worth a try to see how everyone likes it. It's really not all that different that what we already have, but it will give people a chance to try out new equipment and an excuse to combine new gear, all whilst playing as one combined faction.
  12. "Don't care" option added, my condolences to anyone who felt like they were forced to answer through lacking a middle-ground.
  13. Why can I not? I'm simply asking for anyone's say in the matter so the argument isn't so one sided, for the sake of discussion and conversation, I didn't know that was such a problem or should be so actively avoided. I'm not forcing people to discuss. As I said in my first comment, it's a fair point, but when we play as Russians against Chedaki the vehicles, weapons and clothing is near identical; yet teamkilling is not a huge issue. With Serbia, the gear is less similar, so it should supposedly be even less of an issue.
  14. It would be good if the people who voted "No" explained why they think so
  15. On the topic of PID and friendly-fire, we do fight Nationalists and Chedakis already when we play Russians - they wear similar cloths and blue-on-blue is rare enough to not be a huge problem. Serbian gear is much more unique than most RHS equipment. If we were to fight any US Military force, PID would not be a problem. Heres some modern Seriban equipment to demonstrate. This gear is fairly new and based around 2012 - with SAF you can go all the way to 2018.