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  1. [MSO] 1800UTC Op. Daggerfall Thursday to Sunday

    No ACRE?
  2. [MSO] News

    Some great Gen Kill style trailer right there. Can't wait to test out the new and improved ACRE2 on the MSO, so good.
  3. That's exactly what this post is for (?)
  4. Yes, but feel free to make a separate video just the same for EU#1.
  5. At some point I will be making a Part 2 of this video and I require your best Arma 3 AWE (EU#3) screenshots! Part 1 was built up of my own memories, but the next should include the rest of the wonderful Public Modded population. Feel free to go back to the early days of the servers if you wish, preferably go newest to oldest. Post your photos in the comments. If you have A LOT of screenshots, feel free to make an imgur album and link it, or just mark the screenshots as a spoiler.
  6. Only a few months too late to be a topical meme and a few months too soon to be trailer materiel:
  7. A Flight to Remember

    It was a fun map, but frames went there to die in combat.
  8. A Flight to Remember

    US Army Air Corps pilots 2nd Lt. J. Shaw (right / co-pilot / POV) and Capt. J. Johnson (left / pilot / off-screen) strike a lucky rocket hit against an Iraqi Mi-8 helicopter during its attack against a US airfield, minutes after scrambling their own AH-6 "Little Bird" from the same location. (Fallujah, Iraq - Dec. 10, 2004) Playing on Gauntlet, flying sorties over Fallujah in the early hours of the morning, about two years ago.
  9. Feature Request: Jochem's script for goggles and visors Jochem writ a simple script a long while back and I think it was requested before. It simply allows the player to attach or remove his combat goggles to and from his helmet. Additionally, the same script can be applied to helicopter pilot visors as they can be toggled up or down. The script should work on all RHS helmets that contain a specific phrase in the calssname, this includes Russian Army helmets Air Force helmets. It's extremely basic with no notable flaw whatsoever. It certainly increases realism and immersion, but more importantly, it's just a cool aesthetic feature that could even help in combat (i.e removing goggles from helmet onto face in action and returning them to the helmet when ready).
  10. When you're about to rearm the Super Hind

    At least my character looks peaceful enough.
  11. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    @Minipily such similar, comments left at the exact same time
  12. Notice of Upcoming Departure

    Well you know what they say: "Never forghetti... please stop Zeusing" In all seriousness, thanks for your efforts. Good luck staying straight-edge in the Navy though.
  13. RHS TOW Humvee (custom)

    Looks stoopid with the BLUFOR tracker under the barrel though, lucky it's removable, my bad.