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My idea of When specific roles are to be played.

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I have seen people slot up to slots that are not required and this can annoy a few people. I decided to make this short guide directing when people should take a slot.



Team leader -: Team leader should be one of the slots that are always filled. This is to allow the team directions on what to do instead of being clueless.


Squad Leader -: This slot should really only be filled as long as there are two teams, It is unnecessary for the Squad leader to fill this slot as they are only stealing the team leaders job since they will only be commanding 1 team.


Medic -: This slot can be filled at most times but if vital slots are not filled it may not be necessary.


Forward Air Controller -: This slot should be filled when at least two vortex call-signs are online (This does not include Co-Pilot's.)


Platoon Leader -: This slot may be taken as long as their is more than one squad, As if it is taken with only one squad you are taken the slot of Squad lead and only commanding 1 squad instead of 2 or 3.


Platoon UAV Operator -: This slot is generally good to be taken when at least 1 full squad is online to keep the full squad alert as the Squad lead may have the teams split up and unaware of each others position.


Platoon Medic -: This is good if their is at least two Squad Medics online to Support them as an extra medic on the battlefield.


Vortex -: This slot is normally open at all times but if the map is easy to get around it may not be necessary.


Tank Crewmen (e.g Hammer etc) -: This slot should be taken when requested, If you join this slot then there could be a chance that you are not needed.


Logi -: This slot is good to take when their is at least 1 full squad online to allow a continuous flow of ammo and weapons to the battlefield.


MAT/HAT -: This slot can generally be used at any time but it is most effective if their is one team online to give them AT Support.




That is most of the roles I can think of, Hopefully this has helped you a bit about when to take a role. If you have any Questions or Concerns please tell me!

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The only feedback I can offer is that MAT and HAT should not be filled before at least one alpha team as it takes away from the base players and just makes it annoying when a2 could be filled which makes a less lone wolf and therefore more effective alpha.



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I want to be clear that this is 1 players thoughts. Server rules including slotting can be found here ** EU#3 Rules and Guidelines (Please Read) **


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Personally I disagree with some of those. Specifically SL. Having a SL is never bad, and they should never be doing the FTL's job.


The team's official stance on exactly when roles can be taken has been mentioned by Vlk. Regarding the usefulness of the roles... it depends. On the mission, what the state of the AO is, and so on. It's pretty much up to the commanding officer.

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23 hours ago, Chutnut said:

Platoon UAV Operator -: This slot is generally good to be taken when at least 1 full squad is online to keep the full squad alert as the Squad lead may have the teams split up and unaware of each others position.


I can see that you have never played UAV operator the only UAV available is the CAS drone which the operator has to rearm himself there are no ar2 darters available so recon from UAV's is very difficult and really the operator is only good for CAS or lazing targets for vortex

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8 hours ago, Amentes said:

The Greyhawks are perfectly capable of providing intel Numbnuts, but yeah, it's not as close-in and immediate as you might get with a Darter operator.


Doesn't mean it isn't useful of course.


Take a tube and some HuntIR 40mm grenades. Quick and dirty, but gets the job done

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Id say an SL is one of the most important slots there are as long as Platoon is not filled, ASL can coordinate the Alpha teams, MAT/HAT and Vortex, while a Platoon Command does that from a spot further away, SL can be following the Squad and keep slightly further away but be a useful rifle if required to, ASL in combat is an everyday thing with less than around 16 people on the server. Even with a low amount of players, it would be pretty hard for a TL to coordinate the assets through radio while ordering his men during a heavy firefight, where ASL [Good ASL, As Colsta said, should never do TL's job] can inform the TL about what needs to be done and relay/coordinate other assets, while, when possible or needed, taking part in the firefight.


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