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[EU#3] [Gamenight] Operation Snake Head


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What: EU#3 Gamenight - Operation Snake Head

Data & Time: Saturday 19./11/'16 @19:30 UTC/14:30 EST

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 Mods

Optional mods: None


Hello everyone,


Benjamin Levine will be hosting a mission on EU#3 next week Saturday - the 19th.


Mission Summary:

You are a IDF platoon camped to the west of Rasman in the Takistani hills. HAMAS has taken control of Rasman and key Takistani oil fields as well as taken hostage a CIA asset.
Recapture all three targets and act on any intelligence provided by the CIA asset. There are also multiple enemy officers in the area that need to be eliminated to cripple HAMAS command. 


Friendly assets include:
2x Merkava IV LIC 
1x Namer APC
1x UAV support 
1x Apache support 
4x 6 man infantry squads 


The mission will take approximately 2 hours to complete, so it would end around 21:30 UTC/16:30 EST.


Slots & Sign-up:


Mission consists of 35 playable units and 2 Zeus slots.


Sign up link:


If you have any questions; you can contact Benjamin Levine or me (MessedUpSmiley); or post your question down below.

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