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  1. the though of seeing TheScar in a mankini sends shivers down my spine lmfao, and congrats to all for reaching the goal so fast.....
  2. I sent my monthly donation to 2017 before I saw this post feel free to move it as required, as for Licences I don't have any but you can run Arma on Linux which is free, faster, more reliable and doesn't reboot on its own after a bloody untimely update
  3. Strange the teamspeak download page is still showing http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads
  4. which plugin and what 3.1 update are you referring to? as teamspeak is still on version
  5. I believe adding a new aircraft that isn't part of the original program, like a Harrier etc would require a mod to be loaded on your server and everyone's pc that connects to your server, load up the mods you want on your pc then start the editor add what you want and save the mission file, but remember to let your players know you are now running the mods
  6. I have decided to learn to pilot heli's, I'm good with fixed wings but a disaster in rotary, so its into the editor for a crash (forgive the pun) coarse in heli piloting skills then on to my test server where I can do missions without killing a load of passengers, I can't fly using the keyboard and mouse so I've hooked up my x-55 hotas and I'll see how I go with that, any tips would be welcome, I've already had one and that is to buy rudder pedal controls for the tail rota.
  7. Thank you, I'm just begining to code and the saying "old dogs new tricks" comes to mind its a steep learning curve and this will be so helpful in teaching this old dog new tricks.
  8. Mission consists of 38 playable slots, slotting/sign up will occur on the day so no need to inform me upon your role requests as I will not be reserving spaces.
  9. this op was very enjoyable thank you very much....
  10. I don't play I&A3 on eu2 anymore because of..... Very few pilots play there now, without pilots it makes the game mostly travel time and less ground war, if I wanted a travel time game I would play euro trucker! New weapon restrictions for the spotters It takes ages to get anywhere by boat There are no vehicles to use / steal to drive in land when you get out the boat, the airport has no vehicles whatsoever, every airport I know of is littered with cars etc You can travel for 20 minutes then find a red smoke grenade suddenly apears at your feet in the middle of the jungle, then cas wipes you out. No vehicles at main base as they are all on the beach getting a sun tan I too hate the fog but that's reality for you, I do like the darkness and rain though Its basically just not fun anymore, I appreciate all the work that has gone into it and the idea behind it, but it just doesn't work in its current form on the tanoa map. And I'm sorry but I have no suggestions on possible solutions to these problems at this time, it will require much thinking to solve this one.
  11. what a poor choice of colours violet for needing a revive (I thought it was orange) and purple if your a teamkiller those colours are toooo close in the spectrum to be useful
  12. The AI certainly got a bit more spicey, I am practising the sniper role at the moment, shooting from around 1Km and through a small gap in the jungle I got 3 shots off then a red smoke granade lands next to me, this happens all the time on eu2 now, it doesn't seem so agressive on server 1 maybe as there are more players for the AI to target, I do prefer a more agressive AI as its more challenging, but at the ranges I'm shooting and in the middle of thick jungle the AI must be using telepathy lmao
  13. Currently sitting on server 2, 5 people waiting on a vehicle littered beach with no boats and no pilots, and the the most popular saying is "whats the point of playing this" just before they disconnect, sorry to bring bad news but unless this is fixed I can see the server remaining empty.
  14. I think the problem on eu2 is now one of travel restrictions, if there is no heli pilot on it takes forever to take a boat to the AO's the travel time and lack of vehicles is just putting people off playing, the last time I played on there I had to take a hemmit to the boats as all the quads were gone.
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