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Operation Cross Comms: 10/7/2016 (Sunday) 5:00 pm EST (21:00 GMT)

Liru the Lcpl.

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Sign up closed. If you still want to participate, please drop into the TS channel 30 minutes before the event begins.
WHAT THE AO LOOKS LIKE: http://imgur.com/IOmO40g


     The last operation was pretty great, but there are a few things that needed to be changed. For this event, those changes will be made, from better signing up to more organized squads which will be done through TS chat and its whisper system.

Although the previous operation was a failure, NATO is fully aware of the CSAT threat now. Tanoa is now on full alert, and any guerrilla offensives now are reported to us for counteroffensive movements. An hour ago, Tanoan officials reported that Comm site Bravo has been taken over by enemy activity. Although the site isn’t finished, there have been reports of a mobilization of construction equipment and something briefly showing on our radar screens. We suspect CSAT is using the site for something sinister, and thus it is absolutely vital that we take this facility down.

The threat here is major gentlemen. We know CSAT has been working on devices related to seismic activity, and a product of their research so close to a one active volcano…it’s clear that there is a major possible threat here.

Just one extra thing. Tanoan officials do not want us poking our noses around comm site Alpha. They’re worried that is we use it as a staging area, valuable communication equipment could be damaged. That site serves as an early warning system for the entire country, so we must honour this request.


1.       Eliminate 80% of the Guerilla forces around comm sight Bravo

2.       Find and destroy any CSAT technology

NATO’s assets:
-Infantry (the players)
-Air transport via hummingbird pilots
- 2 HMG prowlers
-Darters (2)
-1 and only 1 Pawnee for CAS



1.       Defend CSAT technology at all costs for 30 minutes on first contact OR 45 minutes after the mission officially begins until the VTOL can extract it (meaning NATO can spend at max 15 minutes of unit placement preparation before a time penalty, timing is key here)

CSAT’s assets:
-Guerrilla emplacements and forces
-Viper infantry (4-6 players)
-AT and AA assets
-Defensive emplacements


Additional notes:
-CSAT capable of respawning
-multiple ways for CSAT extraction
-sign up recommended, but drop ins allowed
-no mods
-NATO squad leaders can bring RPGs

-CSAT team picked at random

On a final note, more specific instructions will be posted as time goes by, and within 3 days of the operation, the CSAT team will be contacted and given a specific briefing as well as a preview of the area of operation in order to set up additional defenses.

See you all in 2 weeks :)

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4 hours ago, Eagle-Eye said:

If you need an extra pilot, I'm up for it, if you'll have me. If you need to check if I'm good enough to be one, PM to arrange a time and date?

just sign up in the spreadsheet on the top of the post. :) We would be happy to have you!

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