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Change the Side form Bluefor to Opfor

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This would (probably) require changing the player spawns and all of the AI of the mission(s) which would take quite some effort.

I believe you can get all the equipment from the VAS that OPFOR can have, the only thing you don't have access to (on EU1/2) are all the OPFOR vehicles. That would only require minor tweaking in the mission files to spawn empty ones in the spawn. 

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Anyone who thinks that bad scopes  = bad gun, well, their just wrong.

I never said they were bad guns and have never seen anyone saying that. The scopes are pretty bad though.

Bring back Russians, tell those who don't like it to go stuff themselves and learn how to use the AK.

Most people end up disliking playing as Russians, so those maps are never played, or if they are, the population drops drastically. It happened before, it'll happen again.

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Guys if we started to take only 6 magazines to AO as we should've, then you can pick AK47 (please don't do that, some guys are engaging from 800+ so they will mistake you by an enemy since you will be shown on the map*) from the ground of enemies and try do your best to survive. Eventually you will die at AO. At least you will:

1. I've done everything in my power to stay alive/ or to save my friends

2. I will learn to preserve ammunition.


Playing as Russian or OPFor is much more tempted since you most of the time use ironsights. Recoil is awesome. 

Like It has already been said we had Al Rayak as OPFor and there was only small amount of people which enjoyed playing as one. You can count them on one hand only.


Oh, you can forget doing any kind of convoy, Javelins fly everywhere.. There's no vehicle which will survive that. In 3rd person you can hear wooosh sound when Javelin fires and in next seconds you are roasted. If you play in macho person your screen will just freeze and you will respawn not knowing what happened at all.

But yeah playing as Russian is fun.

Only minus there's no vodka and Al Rayak doesn't have snowy mountains or tundra like terrains.

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I like the idea of having a few game nights where we are using AK we can be against rebels or something to change it up and having fixed loadouts will mean that players have to just get on with it.


just an idea but i think it will work better than a everyday mission especially with the arsenal as it is now, loading kits is not fun.

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As has been said previously, people just bitched and whined about playing Opfor. I loved it, it was a wonderful change, and I had some of my most fun PlatCo experiences as Opfor. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what Ryko has in store for us.

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