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Mod request for the public server


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Probably not, because BI was so stupid and released it via a mod feature instead of including in the update this week, it doesn`t fit our policy of EU1/EU2 being without mods (beside client-side stuff like sound mods, ST mods, etc) that add weapons, vehicles, etc.


If we would use this, everyone who would want to play the mission would have to have this mod. Not everyone knows how to download and use mods.


On the other hand we haven`t looked into this new "feature" of defining dependency mods in the Arma Launcher. So for now, the answer would be no, but it`s not the final one.

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I actually think it's very shrewd of Bohemia to release it as a mod rather than an update.


This weapon is one of those "Call of Duty" weapons that will make a lot of people look into how to DL and use it. In turn, they get their first experience using a mod for ArmA. Which I'd imagine is also the reason why the video features not just the weapon, but also how to install mods in general.


I don't expect I'll use it much, but I'd agree wth Duffy in that it may as well be included on #3 at some point.

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it doesn`t fit our policy of EU1/EU2 being without mods 


+1 for Pero's point, EU1 should be without mods and just a server where people could easily join and play. I think we would lose players if they all had to download mods to play. 

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