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Hello fellow arma 3 lovers,


I'm a guy from Switzerland.


I'm kind of new here on this community, but I've known Ahoy Servers for quite some time now, just started playing on it regulary since two weeks. I particulary love the EU3 server. I've played all sort of games, but my favorite ones actually are CSGO, and ARMA 3. I've played GMOD alot on serious HL2RP servers. If there is anyone also playing CSGO here I'd be glad to play with you guys, my rank is currently Global Elite.


I've played Arma 3 for roughly 100 hours, so I'm still kind of new to that game. I hope to see you guys around the forum and the EU3 server!



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Hello M-Delta.


Im not playing on EU3...


Nice Bird you have there. I like bird!

Haha thanks it's a typical parakeet from south Asia that was living on the island in Maldives when I was there on holidays. ^^


Welcome! I dont think we will be playing csgo together any time soon as im sitting at silver elite. O:

I can always smurf on my silver elite smurf :D


Welcome to the Community :D

Thanks :D

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