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Valiant PTC-2


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So long overdue its here, the PTC-2(Public Test Candidate)






What's this?


Its a test to iron out and find any bugs in the current codebase of Valiant. Its testing of how it flows from mission start untill we have boots on ground and have captured the first airfield that starts the missions.


Caching of enemies, pre-init preloaded role specific VA to cut down on loading times ingame etc.


What this isn't


A finished product, as the name implies its a test candidate and it should be expected that stuff might break or no be as complete as you want it to be but I hope you see past that and play withing the constraints that are in the current form of the mission(Whining and general idiocy will be met with a shutdown of the server for the rest of the night.)


When is it ? 


I am aiming for 2000 GMT @ 9th April 


What do I need?


Standard EU3 modset and optional beer(Im bringing alot)


What does this acomplish?


Helps me get feedback on the current mission flow and evaluate if it is working as intended and in the long run help me give YOU a smooth (criminal?) mission to play on.

As if this test is non-eventful I hope to shift my attention to the feature side of things in the mission 



But I cant make it but want to watch?


Fear not, for as I need to run monitoring of stuff(s) in the background and generally whizz around in freecam and\or zeus ill be live streaming it. I will update here with the stream link(YT gaming) so that you can watch on anyone of the devices you own(or steal you friends tablet).





There will be no signup however treat this as a fully fledged gamenight with added strictness on fucking about as that steals a lot of time and will slow down the testing considerably. 

So I hope for a good turnup and hopefully everything will go smooth =) 

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Guest Bartlett

I'm struggling to see this,is there any chance of getting the ultimate to see this???

Sorry the damp predictive text. I meant url not ultimate lol

I'm struggling to see this,is there any chance of getting the ultimate to see this???
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