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Time of preparation @ TS: 18:45 GMT (13:45 EST)

Time of training start: 19:00 GMT

Time of training end: 22:00 GMT (ish)

Type of gameplay: CO-OP TRAINING

Mods: EU#3 Repository Mods


Hello all,


I've put the finishing touches on the mission we'll be using for training on EU3, and because Insurgency 0.25 is a little bit behind, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and launch the training map this Friday.  Set in the small map of Shapur, US forces conduct training operations on a variety of topics.  This Friday, there will be training, and then at 20:30 something unexpected will happen outside the base walls that puts your training into practice...




Training nights are intended to introduce new EU3 players to the systems we play with on EU3, from ACE medical, to ACRE radios, and the gear included in all those gigabytes you downloaded.  In addition we relay to you the format in which we play missions and how we work as a team.  The training map has room for 48 players, made up of four squads with 10 trainees and 2 trainers each.


The purpose of Friday's game night is to test-run the training format, to ensure we have covered all the bases.  You can participate in training from 19:00 on (though I do ask if you're participating, please arrive by 18:45) or you can participate in the post training portion at 20:30.  If you want to join the server but don't want to participate in training, there are various areas in the base where you can practice other aspects of EU3 - long range target shooting, grenade throwing, a regular firing range- and ZEUS can set you up if you have other things you want to practice.


If players and MODs are interested in helping with training please message me through these forums, Steam or TS and I'll gladly appreciate the help.  Ideally we'll have 2 trainers for each 10 trainees.  Though if advanced players and/or staff want to participate as Trainees to stress-test the system, I won't mind that either!


I look forward to seeing you on Friday!


- R

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