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  1. As has been stated, eu#1 and #2 are public servers, the map spotting had been implemented for a long time and suits the casual playstyle of our playerbase. For now this idea is rejected but if you can somehow bring us proof of support from the community we will re evaluate.
  2. Ima buy it, but I don't get online very often anymore
  3. Forwarded to the correct Devs, we'll get back to you.
  4. Lone

    Restructuring CAS

    Buddy, If anyone isn't listening here its you, you've been told over and over with reasoning behind why the suggestions just don't fit on our server and you keep coming back with the same points. As I said, this will not be implemented or looked into further, I encourage the submission of ideas but the dogmatic manner with which you are presenting this helps no-one. When the jet update is released we may look into this but for now the idea has been rejected.
  5. Lone

    Restructuring CAS

    The buzzard is either used poorly and then you have to play without cas, or if I pilot knows what he's doing, overused to the point of no return. This is a moot discussion, the Dev team will not be implementing this change as it throws up too many issues, the current cas system has vastly improved on I&a 2 and we're not going to go back a step.
  6. Lone

    Restructuring CAS

    The Dev teams, and my own opinions match that of stanhope, with the implementation of the points system (if it is approved) you will be able to purchase the buzzard, until then it is too powerful and prone to abuse to replace the greyhawk.
  7. Noted, and has been put up for discussion with the devs.
  8. Lone

    Rewards Rework

    This indeed means that the special vehicles may not spawn, another point of contention here in the ideas box has been reworking the FOB's, as they don't seem balanced or, well, working so we'll see. With the parachute drop, the issue you raised was discussed by the admin team. One possible solution we came up with was they are only place let once the radio tower is down, making it a bigger target and giving pilots dibs on most inserts for at least the 1st half of the AO (unless you have a dedicated tower squad on). Another was to make them not last very long, just enough time for a
  9. If that does not work, try using direct connect and put in one of our ip's. When I'm home I'll get them for you, or you can ask any other friendly member. Also welcome, try not to break anything!
  10. Lone

    Rewards Rework

    Cool, Multi reply time Gamerbug! Players who participated will be people in a radius around the AO as it finishes I belive, for coding reasons, I realise this could be frustrating if you die (especially to somthing stupid like a TK) just before completion so any suggestion here would be nice. Gear/Weapons outside your class needs carful considering, I can see the merit of being able to purchase a satchel charge (if they where limited to EOD) but I dont like the idea of a medic being able to buy a high claibre rifle. Cryo!
  11. They are often very emotional, and emotion sparks emotion. I'm interested to hear his take on the reworked reward system.
  12. Alright Alright Alright, it's time for us to steer this topic in a direction, I need you motley lot to head over here and get your ideas on.
  13. Lone

    Rewards Rework

    Hello all, It's time for the admin team to ask your much-valued opinion, as many of you may have noticed the current reward system is viewed as sub-par by many long-term players and this has spurred the admin team into a careful discussion of our current options. What we are thinking about is a complete rework of the current reward system, and therefore I&A itself. Here's the down low on our current idea, subject to changes and open to criticism and suggestions: Remove non-standard vehicles from all default spawns (including FOB's and any other old spaw
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