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Sunday Gauntlet Night (27/09/2015)

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For the last few weeks there has been quite a few players on Gauntlet during Sunday evening (BST). What I suggest is, possibly starting on the 27th September 2015, is a Sunday Gauntlet Night, where we have a set commander, Squad Leads and maybe pilots in place and then the rest of the slots open up to anyone, including join in progress. I also suggest having a chosen map and also people requesting roles. So basically a more organised Gauntlet experience for a few hours on Sunday evening, with join in progress and minimal set up effort.

For this Sunday if it goes ahead, I suggest a starting time of 6:00 PM GMT.

Sign Up Here:

Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this may mean you are not guaranteed a slot.

Please only sign up if you intend to play, if you can't make it please let me know!


Normal EU#3 rules apply


Hope to have a good turn out and I will see you on the battlefield


For info on how to get the mods click here.

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Thank you, organizers, excellent.


Thank you fellow team members, you were hard-charged, while making use of your your experience in a laid-back fashion. I didn't need to do any corrections, explanations of basic things, nor to start micromanaging anything in the field. Thank you for the timely and well coordinated initiatives big and small, which were supporting the mission at the same time, the snappy comms, enjoyed being the FTL - couldn't be any better from my perspective.

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