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Takeover Notice


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Enjoyable Sunday morning people of AHOY!


By reading this message you´ve been officially informed of my presence and the arrivement of the CCU on this board.

We will try to get the takeover of this board to be done in civil manner and advise to refrain from any sort of resistance towards our force(s) ,

because we all know ...






May this takeover be done soon and we all shall live another day !

With these words i´ll end my speech for now ...



EU1´s most loved ECHO AT







A few greetings to people CCU deems "usable assets" :


- Pepperman

- Xwatt

- Iranzan

- Zissou

- Chon

- Rarek

- MK

- Amentes


- Superkami

- Seb

- Tyberius


Sure,seems to forgot a few to mention,but oh well ^^

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TheScar seems to me the new Moe Greene:



We all know how it ended, right?






@ Iran

> finally,having work off and being sick leaves time for forgotten stuff,like registering here



> oioi,sorry forgot one of the best UAV Ops on my list ;)


@ Tyberius

> it was very early and i was pretty sure people gonna ask if i sorted by priorities :D

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Who are you   :)


My real name does not matter on the interwebz,but - you´r right,i could of been abit more detailed on my background ...

Here is starting from 1995:


Medal of Honor Allied Assault

MoH : Spearhead

Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint : Red Hammer

Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty - United Offensive

Armed Assault


Killing Floor 1

ARMA 2 - Arrowhead



All of em mostly in clans/structured organisations,in the younger years competed in the ESL,nowadays more looking for greater COOP experiences as far as EU1 allows hahaha

Also,i m the guy you tried to cage in containers 6km off AO yesterday night ;)





@ Zissou

> does that come with a crown and free custodiy @ AHOY bars?

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Does this mean you will finally be on TS so we can get a hold of you? :)


you really,really want this to happen ... you dont know what you r messing with :lol:

I´ll def consider dropping in time to time,i m already reconsidering getting the mods to check out EU3 :ph34r:


1 of the past sentences contains a lie,you ll  be the judge of that !

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