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  1. - HVT Side mission spawned without the mission objective on EU1, ended Side mission via Admin menu, Objective Ring still on map, waiting if another side mission comes up, it didn't - Player reported that CAS/CAP Pilots don't get kicked after they lost their jet (confirmed) - Zeus roles can't see/hear AIR chat, is this on purpose? - Engineer reported that he can't disarm placed charges - Player reported not getting a parachute when paradropping and experiencing a hard landing. It worked for me, but i only tested once - Ghosthawk supply drop doesn't work? only 1 source though and had no time to test myself - Just died trying to take off from main base, was on the runway about to pull up, black screen, dead. Not idea what that was, i did not hit anything - Map Squadmarkers will get mixed up from time to time. Raef (Vortex 2) was shown as Hitman e.g.
  2. Iranzan

    Flagship moors up.

    Press F to Pay Respects.
  3. Started playing again just recently, flying solo though. So if anyone wants to add me in game: CMDR Khai Gabriel
  4. Congratulations Fr4q, guess she will be a pilot one day
  5. Might have a look again if this is the case. Always had the problem with ED that is has a vast universe... with nothing to do in it. Grinding to get a bigger ship just to be able to grind more for an even bigger ship is not entertaining for me.
  6. Hm, let's see PC: Arma3 WoW Overwatch Witcher3 D:OS 2 Starbound Dreadnought Console: Witcher3 Fallout4 both on XBOX1 And i have a P&P CofD, or to be precise V:TR game running. All in all... I play to much :/
  7. Hi there, try to filter your Arma Serverbrowser for "Ahoy" and they will show up. If that does not work for you you can always try to connect directly to the servers. You can find the IPs on the Frontpage of Ahoyworld.net. Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see the Server widgets, or you can connect to our Teamspeak at ts.ahoyworld.net and look the IPs up in the channel descriptions of the Server you want to join (e.g. EU1, EU2).
  8. Hi Kirk67, as David announced in this thread the Teamspeak address changed. Please try to connect to ts.ahoyworld.net.
  9. Paratroopers in the kind of mission we run are not only pointless but outright dangerous. Not only that they don't achieve anything that regular troops can't do better, they also endanger themself and anyone in the Helicopter, the vehicle itself included. I would rather not see people "start doing it" as this usually leads to losses in lives and equipment. And all that just to have a justification to jump out of an aircraft?
  10. Exactly. Guns, missiles, bombs. Accurate too. Aircraft guns can now be locked to air / ground targets too, giving you an indicator for deflection shots. I'm actually positively surprised by this patch.
  11. Running CBA, sthud, BaBe midTex, Blastcore Tracers and VTS Weapon resting at the moment. Btw BI added CCIPs in the last update, so there should be no need for that mod anymore.
  12. Another problem with NV and Thermal Scopes in Arma is how ridiculously overpowered they are. You can see and identify targets that would be beyond recognition range if these were actually scopes that are used in the real world. As of this i would really like to know what you mean when you say "That way snipers & spotters can actually play the way they are supposed to play (long range) during the night". About what distances are we talking here?
  13. This is already the case. Just use the Scrollmenu on the guy in the pilot's hanger and you will get the option to change your view distance. Edit: too slow :/
  14. The button for the squad menu is whatever key is bound to the Switch Team action in the Keybindings. This is usually U but can differ if you bound that key to something else.
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