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  1. first come - first serve

    Wouldn't respawning be faster? (5 second respawn delay compared to map loading times may be, but I don't know what system you're on) A policy like you demand it may be difficult to maintain consitently as you'd have to have at least one staff member physically present on the server each time and prior to similar incidents happening simply to be able to validate "claims" on the assets in question (kinda hard to check for player positions/actions/etc. when you aren't ingame). It may be possible to "simulate" something like that by writing a script which would lock mission rewards for people outside a designated area around mission objectives at the time of giving out the rewards so the folks who actually completed the mission have a few minutes to get it first but that sort of thing might unnessecarily bloat the mission file even further (also I have no idea if such script would solve your problem or cause even more issues).
  2. Have you pre-ordered Apex?

    On a side note: are there any plans on restricting some of the new weapons yet like what happened to the marksmen arsenal? (as the Mk-1 got marksmen/spotter-only)
  3. Have you pre-ordered Apex?

    Hmm, I guess I somewhat jumped the gun there and misunderstood it a bit, but we'll see on release day how they've handled it. (Also if the vehicles come to Eu1&2, I'd propose "NATO-VTOL as reward only based on the armed character of it [maybe same chance as the wipeout or sth like that])
  4. Have you pre-ordered Apex?

    That's the first part on that topic, in the next paragraph they explain their licensing for Apex and the reasons behind it.
  5. Have you pre-ordered Apex?

    Probably not, because they said you need Apex to even see the new assets as they will be downloadable only for buyers which would split up our playerbase because non-owners couldn't join anymore which would be conflicting with the purpose of Eu1&2. (Source: Scroll down to "Logistics")

    So basically if a pilot crashlands a helicopter, he is forced to either wait for repairs/refuels which violates the "play your role"-rule or get repairs/refuels on his own which occupies another helicopter to lift them so he's wasting assets, breaking the "don't waste assets"-rule? (and yes, imho he is wasting them as one pilot will not have a helicopter available to him until the damaged one is fixed, the "lifter" is returned to base AND the shot pilot got back to his originally occupied chopper) Also, on the account of guns having to be locked for most of the time (like seriously, do they have any use on a public server other than causing unneccesary teamkills?): could the Huron be replaced with its unarmed variant as the turret control script can bug out? (honestly i'd like to see all gatlings removed but sadly there is no unarmed Ghosthawk afaik)

    To get the member-tags ingame you need to either be active enough on the TS to get them granted or apply for them >Here<.
  8. Fixing Helicopters

    Never seen a option in Zeus to do it, but in editor you can add code to an object and for it to don't take any damage you'd need to add "this allowDamage false;" (maybe Ares has an option to add code to things?) Edit: deleted the "equals"-charakter because confusing C# with Lua i think it is
  9. Fixing Helicopters

    Too bad that this doesn't work if the helicopter is standing right in the middle of the helipads :/ Also that coockie looks freaking depressed :0
  10. Fixing Helicopters

    I think your suggestion of removing pilots from their slots is already in place as if you're on TS you can simply ask an admin to check on the pilot in question and take actions if he really is that bad. (sucks if no staff is around when someone really is in need of a role-reselection but imho that's pretty tolerable) Also, like Archon said, Repspecs don't always respond to you because they don't care or are too far away to repair you in a timely manner plus to use a repair vehicle one would have to crash the helicopter almost on the barriers because the limited range and the locked up vehicle access to the pads. (and simply blowing it up to let it respawn seriously endangers all the people in the vicinity and probably violates the "Do not fire in or at base unless your target is an enemy"-rule too) Played around in the editor a bit and came up with this (done in the 2.83I version of the mission, couldn't find 2.85B anywhere) The helipads shouldn't lose that much space with the Offroad so landing should be no problem for the average pilot (space-wise at least)
  11. Fixing Helicopters

    I'd like to propose an idea for all of the public A3-servers that have blocked vehicle access to the bases helipads. It would consist of adding a fixed asset, may it be a locked vehicle, an unliftable repair-container or something completely different, as long as pilots could repair helicopters with broken rotors on the pad instead of having to wait for a Spartan or Admin to log on and clear the pads. Because as of now from time to time pilots lose their main rotors on the pads due to enemy jets or infamous lamp posts and cant take off again or bring the Bobcat/Rep-HEMTT because of the new, higher walls that have been added for protection agains vehicle-based assaults on friendly pilots. (don't get me wrong, I like those walls and the purpose they serve, but it's frustrating when you join on in, get the last pilot slot on a nearly full server and can't do anything because the only helicopter left is left on the pads with no rotor and the Buzzard just crashed)
  12. I cant join EU1????????

    Try restarting your game and joining again. If that doesnt work repeat until success.
  13. Takeover Notice

    Ahoy Scar o7 (I don't know if I should be honored or worried about being the last one on your list of "usable assets")
  14. What if..

    Like I said, I already try to just remove my LAN cable (which is pretty easy considering that I'm a filthy Notebook peasant), but like I said too, I tent to forget simple stuff all the time >-< (maybe there is some kind of "dead-man-switch" for connections on the client side so staff isnt bothered with my inability to do stuff the right way)
  15. What if..

    I'm very aware of those methods to close arma, the thing is, my Pc isn't exactly that good so it takes some time to kill a very cpu-intensive program which I usually don't have in case of emergency (also some guys got banned for [lobby]-idling multiple times already i think). I tried just removing my LAN-cable, but tend to forget that from time to time too :/