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War for Altis - Act 1 Mission 3 Modded Zeus Ops 26/01/20 @ 17:00 UTC


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17:00 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)



Act 1 - Prelude to a Nightmare

Part 3




            The situation is stable for now, but it won't remain that for long. As worrying news reach Altian high command, they realize they must make their move. The insurgent leaders that were captured during recent operation were persuaded to reveal vital information about the strength and plans of the insurgency. None of them were high enough rank to know all the details, but the information will prove valuable in the upcoming operation. Unfortunately the Freedom's liaison couldn't be captured which means our information regarding Freedom's own operations is still very limited. Regardless, we have received some worrying news as well. Freedom is bringing in more and more people and equipment into the archipelago, particularly Altis. It appears they are committed to civil war on Altis, even bringing in some commanders, whose names are well known to the world. Some of them are supposed to already be on the island, with others scheduled to arrive in the near future. One name in particular, the man known as The Templar, is especially worrying. He is one of the best - if not the best - Freedom's commanders and the fact he's coming to Altis can only mean one thing: things are bound to get a lot worse.

            The Altian command made the decision that the time to strike is now, and push back the insurgents from the territories they're terrorizing. Intel provided by captured insurgent leaders indicates that they are preparing for our offensive and that they are aided by Freedom's troops in this effort. While we do not have full information on Freedom's own operations, it appears that a field commander known as The Watcher - a well known figure - is in command of Freedom's forces in the area, where the offensive will take place.

            Additionally, during the operation to capture insurgent leaders our forces found and freed an altian officer captured by the insurgents. He revealed that he was brutally interrogated by both insurgents and Freedom's troops and for whatever reason they seemed to be particularly interested in Altian anti-air installations. It is also clear that insurgents have been busy gathering intel on our moves, bases and supply lines.

            Once more Russia offered help to Altian government, but this time also expressed deep concern about the presence of US troops. In the international waters surrounding Altis destroyer USS Patrick Gallagher narrowly avoided a collision with Russian missile frigate after both ships refused to give way.

            The Altian clock still shows 3 minutes to midnight...





The Assets

Player faction: Altian military

Player slots: 30

- PLATCO - 4 man command element

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each (4-man fireteam, 3-man maneuver team + engineer - effectively two 4-man fireteams)

- Vortex - Pilot and Co-pilot


- 1x Mi-24V attack helicopter

- Mi-8 transport helicopters


- 1x M113 APC

- Various wheeled transport vehicles


The mission

The goal is to push back the insurgents before they have too much time to dig in and bring in support. The primary objective is to capture the nearby field airfield, but there are bound to be other enemy installations or camps in the area. Expect heavy resistance. Insurgents will be supported by Freedom forces and our intel indicates they are under command of a field commander (colonel equivalent in Freedom's structure) known as The Watcher*. During the operation American destroyer USS Patrick Gallagher will be available to provide long range fire support if needed.


The modset:

The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184




Hope to see you there!





*Note: This is the first mission where you face a custom enemy commander. Each commander is different and his command style will influence composition and actions of enemy forces. With that said it's not necessarily harder. Some of them are easier to defeat than others, some excel in certain scenarios. More will be explained before the mission.

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