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[EU6] Multi Session Operations


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General Info


This mission is a multi session operation or MSO for short.

If you played MSO in A2 you will know what the general idea is, if not: MSO is a mission that is designed to take multiple sessions to complete.

How multiple session is handled is that after each event I hold, the server\mission state gets saved to a database.

Loadouts etc. per class are set in stone and kept realistic within what the game can do and what is not a impractical in terms of gameplay.




The new mission is set in Afghanistan and we are playing as recon marines, it is a COIN operation(Counter Insurgency Operation) which the ALiVE mod is going to handle most of the AI and actions where as I will throw in some RP\Small missions when I feel like it would benefit the game.

I am still toying with the idea of if its going to be like past events where the server is left up untill the campaign is finished, or if its going to be a weekend based event untill the campaign is completed. 


A more thorough briefing etc. is gonna be penned up when i finish of the mission in the next week so when we are ready to kick things off you will have a better understanding of what the campaign is about.




Updated steam workshop collection : HERE


We are going live 27.07.2019 @ 1700 UTC

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To add:


If anyone at all is interested in Serious Fun, Modded ArmA III gameplay in which teamwork, communication and a sense of realism and immersion is emphasised. Please, do not hesitate to contact either myself, @Johnson or @kennychr on either the forums, Teamspeak, Discord or Steam.


We are an accepting community of friends that are always willing to show people the ropes of Serious Fun.


Looking forward to the MSO and hope to see you all there!

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