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  1. Damn so sad too see you go ;( But, Congrats to Midnight & Norris!
  2. Really bad ;( I get around 30 fps then when going to a Norris mission It drops to 5.
  3. Good Point, However the warning is in place to remind these trolls that trolling in fob by any means is against the rules. It can be annoying for pilots to take out jets that buzz over I myself have died to this happening. In my opinion it should stay as it gives people a warning and stops them from just straight spraying everywhere.
  4. The sub-objectives and side missions in those lists sound great.
  5. Thank you for the response, I will be sure to try my settings max and check out that branch.
  6. Hiya Peeps, I was asking around the community on discord asking what fps everyone else gets and seeing what they are running. However my fps is very poor, I run all low settings and I still get around 25-30 fps. Sooooo If anyone has any tips or ideas on how I can improve my fps or even send me links to some pc parts It would be appreciated. My specs from GeForce. https://gyazo.com/fb6888cb4bbb336c58678ebb6202fa31 I have a PreBuilt PC from ChillBlast, I have also had it since around 2015-2016.
  7. I am a welsh lad. 3.5k+ hours in arma 3. I am a really really really super sonic mad lad. I play invade and annex on altis it is a madness and it is funny.
  8. What's everyone's view on this virus and how do you guys feel about it?
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