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  1. There is the option of having in Password protected and if some1 fucks up we can rollback a day
  2. AHOYWORLD ANTISTASI PROJECT Summary Run Antistasi modded server with TFAR on AhoyWorld domain. Goals Offer something different for AhoyWorld community. Offer different Arma 3 experience. Have some event-like session during the week in the evenning hours. Example: We join 4 in the evenning, blow up CSAT factory and wave each other god night. Allow some solo online gameplay that is persisted. Example: I am sick from work, so I join during the day, inflirtrate CSAT airport and steal jet for resistance. You come in the evenning wondering WTF. Let me know if this would be possible and I ll start doing more in-depth research. Tomato
  3. Tomato is having a sad day... Tomato opens ahoyworld forums... Tomato smiles because he sees a mison for 22nd... Tomato goes back to being sad because it is 2 day away... Tomato spots a post about a mision for Friday... Tomato is having a happy day
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