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[AWE] Advanced Introduction 102 -- 27/04/2017


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Event Date: Thursday, 27 April 2017

Event Time: 1600 UTC (see what time that is for you!)


Description: A training session for our newest of players to be introduced to the fundamentals of AWE gameplay.


Topics to be covered will all be accompanied by at least some hands-on practical parts. This session will include:


  • AN/PRC-152 personal radio use
  • How to do a radio check
  • cTab basics
  • Medical basics - bandages and common drugs
  • Brief rundown of roles in a fireteam
  • Basics of buddy teams
  • Getting to know the AT4 at the range


Of course there's always time for questions, so if anything is unclear, feel free to ask!




Our training sessions have finally returned after an unexpected hiatus. We used the time to refine the contents and methods of each session, so thanks to everyone who attended our impromptu training the other week. And special thanks to those who submitted their input on how to improve!


We hope to see you around and stay tuned for future rotations.


With regards

The Training Team

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