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Voice comms really low

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On 1/4/2017 at 4:29 PM, Eagle-Eye said:

Came to think of something today. Before I connected yesterday, I disabled the indicated option. It may or may not be a factor, but as I didn't have as much problems yesterday, my guess would be that with the option enabled, TS3 3D position information (wherever it gets it from) adds to / conflicts with those of TFAR or ACE.




Nice thank you. Yeah it has to be a configuration thing since not everyone has this problem

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19 hours ago, GhostDragon said:

i have been on the latest version of TFAR since the update, I have no issues, however there could be some if you have not updated the plugin but are using the new  files this could cause compatibility issues 

I have version 0.9.12 of TFAR. But I think this problem has to do with ACE or settings in ACE since I had the same problems when we were using ACRE

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On 1/5/2017 at 1:13 AM, BenjaminHL said:

One thing that I have been having trouble with is that sometimes my sound just cuts out. I don't know the problem and have had it for sometime now. I also know it is a TFAR problem as activating my radio fixes the bug. Also it is across all gauntlet version.


If this happens, you could try to reload plugins in TS. That has helped me before. Doesn't happen very often though. 

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