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5./11/'16 | AWE Gamenight - Operation Boom Chute | Prepare For Uranus


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Operation Boom Chute
Prepare For Uranus!




I am here by informing you that on Saturday the fifth of November at 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT) there will be another gamenight on EU#3 AKA the AhoyWorld Enhanced server.

For people who can't do math: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx?y=2016&mo=11&d=5&h=19&mn=0

This time the gamenight mission will be hosted by no-one other than @BACONMOP.


General Summary:

1 PltCo 3 Squads + 1 AH-6M-L LittleBird + 1 Logi squad and a gaggle of M1083A1P2's.


Your mission is to move from your base in Obergan, Sahrani, and clear the town of Corazol from the Sahrani Liberation Army.




Slots and sign-up:




General gamenight rules apply, so no fudging about tolerated at all!

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I'd prefer if there was a "soft-kill" player damage setting, or at least a couple of respawns available right away, in these kind of missions. People did quit after dying mainly because of the uncertain promise of respawn.


You can die easily by various arma physics magic or just get unlucky. A guy in my team was FF'd just after reaching the city. Does it make you value your life more? kinda. Is it fun? no. Especially after all that waiting before kickoff. More actionable, heavy, but non-lethal injuries would also promote medic work.


Re-inserts of troops could be also synchronized by using dynamic respawn points as the frontline progresses.


All in all it was a cool night. For the first run I had a good team, and a competent, communicative TL, which was nice to work for. Keep it coming.


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