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Haii there

Phillipo Blendvigski

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Played here 1-2 years ago, came back a week ago and its cool, Already met some cool people in Teamspeak. and im pretty sure people are already tired of me.. SORRY


So where am i from?, i've wasted the 1600 hours on Lifemods and Editor/Zeus. The community i played in sadly closed down after 10 months...


Im 14 and live in Denmark. School is like a loading screen for me and eh i play videogames, just like any other kid in this generation. i like to interract with people chatting, talking etc. i have a fetish for Scottish people and thats me !



#AhoyGoals as im seeing it Ahoy forum is close to inactive and i will start the #MakeTheForumsGreatAgain this is a original Hashtag i made k a p p a 

#AhoyGoals when i reach that 1 month i'll apply for the Spartan Project and hopefully the admins havent closed apps to that time. 

#AhoyGoals Change Pilot callsign to "Penguin" 

#AhoyGoals Ahoy have 0 memes, THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE

#AhoyGoals U can only choose 2 genders under settings. WHAT ABOUT TRANSGENDERS?!... SEXIST MUCH

((Sorry i come here and think i own the place, just trying to be "fun"))


Butthurt people should hurt other peoples butt to be unbutthurt -Santa Claus 2k16

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