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Eu#3 Operation Silent Stalker----Cancelled


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Silent Stalker


Brief (albeit Brief)






3 Teams

  • Ocelot
  • Viper
  • Owl

1 Aircraft

  • Hitman (AH-64D Apache Gunship)


Infantry Teams

You guys will be inserting into the AO via HALO Jump directly, and you job is to secure some enemy tech, which is of unknown type or Origin, we also do not know where the tech is located all we have is the town in which it is being secured in.



Provide overwatch, relay Intel to the ground teams, and give out some death certificates if required.


if you hear eagle repeated 3 times over comms, you'll be on Free-fire, however this is rarely called.


Signup form


Only require 3 squad leads 3 Medic's and 6 team leads. 

Pilots will be hand picked.


All other slots will be first come first served.


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