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Everyone heard about the drama between BHD and PsiSyndicate?


If not, basically: PsiSyndicate did a video calling out people who did reaction videos and saying they were money grabbing whores and did an entire video where apparently "no hate" was meant but still went calling this one black dude a *C word* about 60 times and at one point made a racist remark that he was a "bongo" or some shit like that.


I found it hilariously ironic seeing how Psi talks about "money grabbing whores" but still makes a fuck ton of money from constant advertising.


Now if you look at PsySyndicate you can see he's still loosing subscribers and literally all of his new vids have at least 4k dislikes and the dude still had the nerve to make a "Thank You" video to his fans despite him being a douchebag.


What's your thoughts on it if you have heard about it?


Here's a video where BHD roasted him, pretty funny:


Additional note!


Apparently typing the naughty C word renames it "Watermelon"... Had to remake it to just C WORD up there rather than leave it with watermelon, that uh, wouldn't really blend in nicely considering the hate was targeted at a black person.

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Never heard about him/them and will never see him/them again.


I think its very childish and i hope people like this will lose their voting rights.

On 1:28 he says: "unless you've been under a rock for the last past couple of days" well mr nobody, ive been under a rock and will be doing so with persons like him. 


The "youtube" celebrities have, untill now, never added something to mankind, or atleast to my life. 


Apparently typing the naughty C word renames it "Watermelon"... 


I'd prefer the F word (much more inspiring):


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