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  1. Removing the tank is not the best idea in order to use the tank to its best you need 3 players to coordinate and work as a team. I have saved loads of squads by using the slammer in this way ie mobile cover so medics and get downed players, taking out a t-100 that's moved up on a squad and so on. I understand were you come from 1 person sitting on a hill killing everything is not fun they should be with the infantry supporting the attack as the tank is meant to be. So removing the tank would make problems not really solve any. Its a asset just used incorrectly, don't punish the tank its tool punish the user lone wolfing, wasting assets etc.
  2. I have been FSG gunner the last few time I have played. All you need is a good spotter me and Sniper teamed up and we cleared AO's in a offroad repair like no tomorrow. Having more gunners will be pointless it would lead to uncoordinated firing which in the worst case could lead to a whole squad getting FF. The way it is at the moment is fine. Just need that mortar offroad to spawn as default at base and it will be perfect in my eyes.
  3. I think it will look great It will improve my immersion for my single player online game play!
  4. I must agree with my Right Honorable colleague Stian, Thank you
  5. When I do CQB as a auto. feel free to remove if its in the wrong place. https://www.facebook.com/ManFeedUSA/videos/554573114724708/
  6. Can I grab the highlighted please. I love a big dirty gun
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    Me do anything you want 15 dollar.
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    Hello Ahoy, Been using the servers on and off for around a year I think. I really enjoy the Zeus missions that feature on your servers, they spice it up! Look forward to continue having a blast on the servers!!!
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